2020 Pogre's Miniatures and Models - Sebeki from Crocodile Game and a Wild Boar


A small cottage I printed and painted:



Models completed in 2020: 1

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And here I am, using the minis I have find, 4E-era map tiles, and wet-erase chessex mats with tile-constructed areas for important rooms that have to look nice...

That's what I do, and that looks pretty nice too. While I really do admire some of the folks on this board that go to such lengths to create beautiful scenery for their campaigns... I'm glad that there are simple alternatives such as dungeon tiles, for folks like me. I wouldn't know where to store it all if I also had miniature terrain.


I’ve had more time myself to paint and have completed 11 minis so far in 2020. I use Pogre’s threads each year to get back to painting to try new techniques.

11?!? Wowsers!

I've just started painting for the first time in over 20 years thanks to Pogre's inspiration. I was never any good and all the YouTube guides haven't helped my technique. :cry:. I may just stick with washes and dry brushing because layering and blending is beyond my skill. I'm on my fourth mini for 2020.

I’m like Tommy Bahama, base coat, wash, highllights and say it’s finished.

I’m in awe of seeing these minis posted in his yearly threads and the guys on YouTube like dr Faust that I watch for some ideas to try....but rarely do.

Keep ‘em coming, fun seeing how they turn out.
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