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2020 Pogre's Miniatures and Models - Sebeki from Crocodile Game and a Wild Boar


First up is 3D printed coffin mimic I printed and painted up:


Next is a plastic chaos cultist from GW:


Models completed in 2020: 9

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Painting just to paint at this point. Not anything specific that I need. Just making a dent in the figures I have laying around:

First up is a hobgoblin warlord:



And another Frost Giant (Reaper Bones):


Models completed in 2020: 11

edit: I realized last night this is actually called a Fire Giant King by Reaper. Chalk it up to an AMAZING conversion! ;)
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More random shtuff from my minis pile:

First an old pewter mini - a pile of scrolls with a giant rat. Somebody better rescue those valuable scrolls they are about to become rat bedding! I think this is an old Ral Partha sculpt - not sure...


Next up is a servant with a broom. A Reaper Bones figure. Think of the excitement this mini could bring to your game!



Not an exciting selection I know - unless you are an old school wizard looking to fill your spellbook and looking for reliable help...

Models completed in 2020: 13

edit: fixed models completed number.
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Pogre, you probably mentioned in previous year threads, what paints do you tend to use? My tables is a mix of Vallejo, reaper, army painter and GW/Citadel....just curious.


Pogre, you probably mentioned in previous year threads, what paints do you tend to use? My tables is a mix of Vallejo, reaper, army painter and GW/Citadel....just curious.

im not pogre obviously, but my primary paints are GW and I still have many pots of the ral partha AD&D paints from the 90s. I love those pots. My favorite pots to use. The lid has a natural bowl on the inside that after shaking, you have a perfect amount of paint to use without having to dip into the main pot itself. I hate the GW ones because the lids always want to close on me


What a coincidence. This weekend I found out about an anime series available on YouTube called Goblin Slayer. It is definitely NSFW but loosely based on D&D. You captured the feral essence of the goblins from that series. đź‘Ť

Edited to say:. I like the vibrant red you achieved on the gobo with the red tunic. Probably stolen off an unfortunate advenurer he killed.
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Never heard of that one Tommy, thanks for the mention. Watched a couple and in episode 3, has anime of dice rolling, 2 d10 and a d20 rolling across the screen :) And those goblin minis up thread do look like the anime!


First up is an old plastic GW Orc:


Next are a couple of resin terrain pieces I found in one of my storage drawers labeled medieval water trough. I'm sure I had something in mind for them when I bought these, but I cannot imagine what. One is designed for outdoor use and the other for caverns or perhaps a dungeon.


Models completed in 2020: 18


So, I have not painted much the last few weeks. I continue to slowly work on a big terrain project. Pandemic isolation has led to an explosion of gaming at my house. We moved to using zoom video conferencing. I have two phones focused on the terrain and miniatures and it works pretty well. We have continued our weekly campaign, but we have started a second campaign. The second campaign meets nightly for 90 minutes and we played six times this week.

I am using modules for the nightly campaign, but continue to homebrew for the weekly campaign. Between working from home (feel blessed in that regard), preparing for the nightly game by reading ahead, and preparing for my weekly campaign - I just have not painted much. I broke my @Kris inspired modelling and painting streak on Wednesday.

Still, it is a very good problem to have and I have not been bored one second during the isolation.


Unfortunately my own hobby streak only lasted 10 weeks ...and I never even got around to posting a pic of my last mini (a carrion crawler) ...so I need to fix that :)

And now that I'm gaming online (for obvious reasons), most of my spare 'hobby' time is spent prepping maps/tokens/macros etc. for that (though I am still managing to find time for my print & paste terrain ;) ).


Here is what I have been working on the last few weeks - 4 & 1/2 feet of new fortress walls. The new walls are from Printable Scenery and they took a while to print.

First a couple shots of just what I printed and painted. I also printed the little compass rose and painted that up for our remote cameras.


Next a little closer shot of one of the wall pieces. Tough to great photos with stuff this big.

Here is a shot of the backside of the piece with stairs going up. It is a little washed out, but I think you get the idea. It took a long time to print, but I love how playable the stairs are!

The next few shots are of the new walls mixed with my older Hirst Arts pieces. First up my old gate house:

Next up with one of my older towers:

Finally a few assorted shots of the entire walls complex. The walled area measures 5 feet by 3 and 1/2 feet.




A siege on these walls is definitely a two-table game!

Models completed in 2020: 31

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