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2020 Pogre's Miniatures and Models - Sebeki from Crocodile Game and a Wild Boar

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River Tiles are finally finished! 17 tiles total. Still have one to make for my Hirst Arts bridges and a larger one for my watermill, but I'm pretty pleased with how these turned out.

A close up of the ford:

Closer shot of bend:

Last shot:

Models completed in 2020: 87


Lizardfolk Druid stuff:

So earlier I posted some of my son Keegan's pieces. He made a satyr for our D&D campaign, but sadly his character was killed by goblin arrows early on. He took it well and created a Lizardfolk druid and used this miniature, which I have shown you before:

He decided he needed some 'extras'. I sculpted a template for his old reliable entangle spell:

He sculpted a Giant Spider for his wildshape that would more closely match his character's color scheme:

Since his PC is almost 4th level he sculpted a Giant Toad, which he anticipates being a favorite for his wildshape ability:

Finally, he made a sculpt given his last experience with his satyr - one that he hopes to never have to use!

Models completed in 2020: 88


So a quick 3D printing update: It will be a while before you see any 3d models directly printed by me. I did something stupid and essentially destroyed my 3d printer. The head was going bad - printer heads need to be replaced after so many hours of printing. I thought I knew how to replace the head from the manual, but in my overzealous attempt to remove the printer head I broke the bracket and manage to bend the top carriage bar. Replacement parts are not worth it, so I gave what was left to a friend who has the same printer for spare parts. It was totally my fault, but I'm done printing for a while.

When I told my wife she said, "That's par for the course for 2020." True enough.

I don't regret getting into 3D printing, and probably will again some day.

Ouch, that is one expensive goof up. I suppose for now you can always rely on others to print things for you. There are plenty of online services for it. A friend of mine also got into 3d printing a few years ago, but his first purchase was a mistake, because the machine was unstable and inaccurate. It is an expensive lesson to learn, but I guess 3d printing simply isn't as simple as it seems. His new machine though yields much better results.


"Your party encounters 3 goats being attacked by an injured troll on a stone bridge. The goats seem to have the upper hand for now using pack tactics, but trolls are dangerous and can regenerate so the battle may quickly turn to the troll's favor. What do you do?"

The troll is actually a druid that was attacked by a group of were-goats. He polymorphed into a troll using his last spell slot when he was at one HP. If the party kills the troll and does at least one HP in excess damage then the druid will shape shift back into his now dead druid body. While the party looks on in surprise by the transformation, the were-goats will bray with fiendish laughter and attack the party with a surprise round. 😱