2021 ENNIE Nominations and Judges Spotlight Winners Announced

The ENNIE Awards is pleased to announce the 2021 Nominations and Judges Awards!

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Click here to be taken to the complete list.

Our intrepid judges spent 10 months reviewing all product that were submitted to come to this final list of five in each category. Thank you Amelia, Di, Salim, Shauna and James for all your hard work!

Final voting will take place from August 18th-27th.

There is also still time to sign up to be an ENNIEs judge and nominate your favorite Publisher! Entries for both close on August 14th! These are voted on by fans as well during the same voting period.

Winner will be announced via Live Stream from Gen Con on September 17th at 9pm EST.
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Check out Slayers. Not as flashy or hefty like the rest, but it has some really interesting mechanics. The dice works almost completely different for each class.
  1. The blade uses an exploding dice mechanic
  2. The gunslinger uses a resource management mechanic. They can spend as many dice as they have bullets, but will have to reload them sooner or later
  3. The arcanist uses a push to luck mechanic. They mark corruption with each spell cast and can choose to roll more dice at the cost of gaining more corruption, where too much of it makes getting a bane likelier
  4. The tactician relies on another form of resource management, They can replace another's roll (ally or enemy) with their strategy pool dice, which are rolled before combat begins
Clever stuff.
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By the way, the best places to discover obscure rpgs are itch.io, Indie Press Revolution, The Gauntlet, and Kickstarter. For OSR stuff, subscribe to The Questing Beast newsletter or its YouTube channel.
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You think that’s bad? I went by McDonalds two days ago and their celebrity meal (Saweetie) was from a celebrity I never heard of.
I was today years old when I learned celebrity meals at McDonald's was a thing. Not only am I out of touch with role playing games but I'm out of touch with fast food trends!

Good luck to all the nominees.

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