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An industry friend I hadn’t heard from in 20 years emailed me recently (a pleasant surprise, don’t worry). One thing they said was that they were delighted to see EN World was still running 2 decades later. I thought about that for a bit as I’ve seen lots of outlets come and go (and entire social media networks!) in that time and my conclusion was simple: I just keep doing the work. One day after the next, every day, pretty much.

(Also am I old now? But that’s another question…)

(Also what the hell else would I do?)

It’s interesting. There are lots of much bigger outlets now covering the TTRPG beat these days. Back then it was, what, Gaming Report, ICv2? I can’t remember. Then we had things like Geek & Sundry and Nerdist, along with outlets like Polygon and iO9, and the various comic book sites, and numerous more targeted places like BoLS, Dicebreaker, tons more I can’t list. And a zillion YouTubers and stuff. And a Twitter (at least for now). It’s a different environment to be sure, but I’m happy with my little corner of it, and I’ll keep doing the work. Hopefully EN World will still be here in another decade, if AI and VR new platforms we can’t even imagine right now and don’t completely destroy the idea of a news site!

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Wow, 24 years! I joined the original Eric Noah forum, I think, back in 9th Grade or 10th Grade, so that would have been 21 or 22 years ago (under the username Tsunami). It's been a great way to stay connected to the hobby and grow my own ideas and creativity. Thanks for keeping it alive, Morrus!

Congratulations! In terms of Internet time, this probably means ENworld counts as an empire of old, outliving Geocities, MySpace and many others :)
I joined only during the 5e phase (I think I started visiting the site in 2015, but it took my until 2017 to create an account), but it's nice to see that ENWorld has so much staying power.

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