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PF1E 3.P Kingdom Hearts Inspired Setting, Any Interest?

Curtis Frantz

First Post
Hey everyone!

I'm new here. I've been looking for a good place to start playing by post. My true appetite is to play, but I've been working on this massive d20 setting that was originally inspired by the video game Kingdom Hearts. The basic mechanics for space travel are based on spelljammer, complete with the Ptolemaic spheres, as that carries with it the feel of space fantasy and has that gummi wall feel between worlds. Then I have worlds that are inspired by worlds in the Kingdom Hearts universe, but are are only loosely thematically linked. I have a desert world that combines aspects of Agrabah, Barsoom, Dune, and others, a system with two habitable planets, one a steampunk mess and the other an Edenic paradise, based on London and Neverland, respectively, I have a world that's based on superheroes, kind of my own take on the Amalgam comics from '96 and '97, but way grittier, and I have a world that's kind of crime noir, Hellboy-fantasy, Judge Dredd/Priest feeling world that's meant to be the world monsters come from, like Monsters Inc., or World of Darkness, or whatnot. I have an obsidian portal account with most of these things covered.

That's the fluff, mostly. Mechanically, this is going to be 3.P. The foundation will be Pathfinder 1st ed, with 3.5 stuff thrown in for fun. Superheroes are only NPC's for now, as they are mostly built using Mutants and Masterminds 2nd ed, which is closest to other d20 systems as to be more easily integrated. If anyone has any interest, please let me know. I have a basic policy as a DM, and that's if something makes sense IC, then I'm super flexible. I'm all for minmaxing, as long as it's appropriate. I optimize my npc's, including my villains, so you are encouraged to do the same. I'm up for discussing starting levels, stuff like that. I'd love to hear anyone's feedback.

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