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D&D 5E 3PPs and licences in D&D Beyond.

I wonder about the idea of WotC allowed content created by others, or by no-Hasbro's IPs. Why other the licences? To promote their IPs. For example? World of Warcraft, Runeterra(League of Legends) or Final Fantasy, but also the creatures from "Fortnite: Save the World". Or Paramount could talk with Hasbro, and then we could see the new dinosaurs from "Jurasic World" as monsters in D&DB, or Warner-Discovery with a reboot of "Pirates of the Dark Waters".

Why a 3PP would pay the royalties to be within D&DB? Because this may be the best window to show their titles.

But there are some questions. Let's imagine Dreamscarred Press accepts the deal and then we can see all their ideas about psionic powers, martial adepts and incarnum soulmelders. Maybe after some months the crunch would need to be updated and fixed, but we aren't talking about printed editions. But then we could see a conflict between the players, because someones would rather to use the psionic classes created by Dreamscarred Press, but others the official by WotC.

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Some people will never use "unofficial" material no matter how it's delivered. But I do think it would be a good move for WOTC to open up DDB content for a reasonable fee. My ideal would be a system that let content creators to create all sorts of things, imagine if you could buy Kobold Press's Tome of Monsters and use their monsters just like any other D&D monster?

Not sure how this would work with their agreements with DmsGuild but I could see that being integrated in as well. As long as it's clear what you're using and "unofficial" products were in their own separate area I think it could be a win-win.

The interface for creating custom things would need to be cleaned up, but that's on my wish list as well anyway. The monster creator for example sort of works, but it's not great.

Now I am thniking about the possible troubles with the licences by 3PPs. Let's imagine Lord of Rings 5e is added to D&D Beyong, but years later the 3PP loses the licenced and this is got by other. Could we see two versions of the same licence by different publishers?

Or allowig space not for "crunch" but for art and fiction.

Or linking the account of D&DB with other videogames by Hasbro then the player would get rewards for the other title, for example skins for the game, and monster stats and "miniatures" for the VTT. Or a new videogame created with the "reused" miniatures of VTT.

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