D&D (2024) D&D: Beyond Universes ( = crossovers?).


Hasbro is a company very used to sell licenced products, and Magic: Beyond Universes has been a good example.

We shouldn't be very surprised if we watch more "crossovers" like D&D: Minecraft.

WotC plays with an advantage over its rivals and this is thanks Hasbro's contacts they could get licences from other companies, but the weak point of d20 system is this hasn't be designed with a right power balance for all the genres. Firearms and modern technology could break the power balance too easly. Despise this we could see in D&DBeyond monsters and martial artist characters from comics or videogames.

I say it seriously, but we could see "DLCs" for D&DBeyond about no-Hasbro franchises, for example Final Fantasy, Assasin's Creed, Aliens vs Predator, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Warcraft, Overwatch, Fortnite: Save the World, Doom, Resident Evil, Dead Space.. but enemies with firearms.

* My suggestion for the VTT is adding some software tool to can produce machinima videos with the VTT.

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I think that Beyond as a delivery mechanism might make it easier for Hasbro to get deals like this done, without the logistics of making a big book that might have rights issues down the line.

I could see them negotiating package deals, where D&D, Magic and other board game merchandising rights get put together in one go.

We could see characters from the modern age, but these more focused into hand-to-hand fight, for example the TNMT (ninja turtles) or Walker Texas Ranger, but not one-man-army shooters style Rambo or Robocop.
The cosmology of the D&D multiverse could be rewritten to allow space for these "guest artists", for example monsters from horror movies, or the "hunters" from Dead by Daylight could appear in a new dread domain in Ravenloft setting. Or Gamma World+d20 Future(Alternity+Star Frontiers) to be incorporated into the D&D multiverse to can sell virtual miniatures from shooter videogames, for example Tiny Tina (adult version) from Borderlands saga (or a variant as gnome or halfling, with the body proportions of a small adult humanoid).

The creatures from Fortnite: Save the World, the husks and mist monsters, could appear in D&D and they wouldn't break the power balance, even those with ranged attacks, (but the Storm King, but this is really an epic monster and melee weapons are useless).

Some licences could come from cancelled videogames, for example Battleborn or not so famous as Bleeding Edge.



Yes, we can add to the list fantasy videogames like Elder Scrolls, Elder Ring, Diablo, Dragon Age.. or even Gengis Impact?

Hasbro would be very happy with a Pokemon licence, but I have got my doubts. It would be a risky bet if this was time limited. If it was possible then we had watched a collab of Pokemon in Fortnite. And Pokemons have got a too cartoon style. It would be a better strategy to start from zero with a mon franchise.

Some child-friendly franchises could appear as domains of delight(Witchlight).

Hasbro should hurry because if Epic Games creates a VTT for Star Wars RPG and Marvel RPG.. it could become a serious rival.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I’ve been saying for a long time that evergreen means “introducing D&D Cyberpunk Edition” replaces “introducing D&D 6th Edition”.

It’s all D&D 5e . It all runs on D&D 5e core books rules. It just also adds new stuff and presents different ways to play the game.

All the editorializing in the article aside, very little in the article is new, outside the specific game announcement and formal recognition of the crossover strategy they’re been pursuing for a minute.


Dirty, realism-hating munchkin powergamer
That article sounds like a press release. Where and how were these bold new initiatives announced?

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