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Masters of the Universe are by Mattel, a rival company. They tried a merger but they couldn't reach an agreement.

Of course we know injuries in the real life aren't so easy to be healed as the videogames or fiction.

We are in the age of videogames, where the players with enough experience in some battle royal know the difference between a simple gun and a machine gun. We should remember it is not only the PCs but also the enemies with firearms can be broken thanks/by fault of modern weapons. A simple gobling with an axe and a shield is not the same level of menace than the same creature with identical stats, but this time with a sniper rifle from the roof of a house.

And firearms can be in a survival horror, or in a battlefield campaign. The power level can be very relative.

In the movie "Cobra" the female character, played by Bridgitte Nielsen couldn't face the bad guy, the "night slasher", only hide and run away, but in the final confrotation the main character, played by Silverter Stallone, with enough ammo, he could face and terminate the cult of the new dawn. In "Alien the eight passenger" only one xenomorph was enough to kill almost all the Nostromo staff, but in the second movie dozens, maybe hundreds of them were killed from other room thanks the sentinel turrets. The first time Robocop faced the robot ED-209 he bit the dust and had to flee, but in the end of the movie only a shot with the cobra assault canon was enough to destroy it.

If you allow firearms in your d20 game, then the builds focused into hand-to-hand fight (monk, barbarian, paladin) will be replaced by the gunslingers. The characters from "Street Fighter" can't face ones from "Overwatch", or fighters from Mortal Kombat can't face monsters from "Doom".

D&D is not ready for crossovers with no-fantasy franchises, but if these suffer a mash-up adaptation style Rwby x Justice League or DC Dark Knights of Steel.

* Somebody says the old days of glory for Warcraft ended. Maybe WotC could publish a 5e version of Warcraft.

* D&D cosmology should add something like a "legendland", an alternate continuity created with the collective fiction.

* How would be a crossover New Capena(Magic the Gathering) and a mash-up diesel-punk version of M.A.S.K?

I'm a magpie, I'm constantly stealing ideas from other IPs. But that seems to be the core of D&D to me. It's a mash-up of stuff-the-DM-likes.

In terms approximate order of quantity, I have plagiarised:

Doctor Who
Star Trek
Indiana Jones
Treasure Island
Jules Verne
Doctor Dolittle (novels, not movies)
Star Wars
Labyrinth (movie)
Guardians of the Galaxy
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Misc. less well known stuff.

And that's just in this edition!
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A few dozen?!

A few hundred more like!

I hear something called FFX is about to hit cinemas. Try and count how many hit points are lost in that!
They're making a Final Fantasy X movie?!

I kid, I kid. I know it's the film franchise which absolutely refuses to have a consistent naming scheme between its films. As in, it's very difficult to find a pattern between any two movies, let alone a pattern for the whole thing. Also, as a reflection of the aforementioned anti-pattern, the film is actually called "Fast X," the first and thus far only film to use roman numerals in the title.

The released films of the "Fast & Furious" franchise are:
The Fast and the Furious
2 Fast 2 Furious
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Fast & Furious
Fast Five
Fast & Furious 6
Furious 7
The Fate of the Furious
(sometimes stylized as "The F8 of the Furious")
F9 (that's it, that's the full and actual title; it can also be considered "F9: The Fast Saga," but that's not the official title.)
Fast X (just came out this past week!)

There will be two as-yet-unnamed sequels to Fast X, the second of which will conclude the series, probably because Vin Diesel wants to retire and/or move on with his life. By the time the twelfth movie comes out, he'll likely be 59-60 or older, and will have spent the better part of his career doing these movies.

Lack-of-pattern examples: Films 1, 3, and 4 do not reference numbers at all, and film 8 arguably doesn't either (as the official title does not use the "F8" style.) Of those that (potentially) use numbers, films 2 and 6-9 use arabic numerals, film 10 uses roman numerals, and film 5 uses the word. "And" is used, rather than the ampersand, in films 1 and 3, but this is reversed for films 4 and 6; no other films use a phrase requiring it. Only the first four films, plus film 6, actually use both words, and both word have been dropped twice.

I genuinely find this almost insistent effort to avoid any kind of pattern to be just delightful. Whoever has been writing these titles probably figured out around the fourth or fifth movie that the franchise had zero pattern and just decided to lean into it. I'm genuinely kind of hoping that they do a partial homage to Ocean's Eleven and call the penultimate film "The Furious Eleven." Exactly like that, with the word fully spelled out.


Masters of the Universe - swords, magic, lasers and usuable vehicle rules
Unfortunately "The Power of Grayaskull" RPG that was announced a few years back was cancelled. I was looking last week to see what the status was or if it came out already but was disappointed when I found out it got the axe.

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