WotC What anime franchises could be adapted into D&D?

It's not an anime, but the Japanese RPG series Breath of Fire is probably never going to get another video game entry and the very last one was more of a tactical RPG than the typical JRPG. Plus the first three games are all set in different time periods in the same world.


The most powerful of all deities, Myria, Goddess of Desire, kickstarted a war at the dawn of time by putting up a fraction of her divine power for the mortal races to compete for. The ancestor gods of each race pushed their creations to win the war and obtain the shard of Myria's power, all save for the dragon god Ladon. Instead, his Brood was tasked with defeating and banishing Myria to end the war. The temptation of greater power proved too much for many of the dragons, though, and eventually the other races had to flee as the conflict became the Brood War, one between dragons who remained loyal to Ladon and dragons who coveted Myria's prize.


As a last ditch effort, Ladon brought together an adventuring party made up of members of the various races led by the champion of the Brood. Together they ended the war by fighting their way to Myria and banishing her to an extraplanar prison, ensuring no one would receive the prize she offered.


The treacherous dragons who had defied Ladon fled, and the rest of the gods, ashamed that they had encouraged violence among the peoples of the world, departed for parts unknown.

Deathevan (1).gif

Unfortunately, the defeat and banishment of Myria left a "scar" upon reality that manifested as her "son", the demon lord Deathevan. Ladon sent the Brood into the underworld to await the emergence of Deathevan while he himself slept to regain his strength so that they could one day prevent Deathevan and his demons from reaching the surface. However, with the ancestor gods gone, Ladon asleep, and the Brood keeping watch in the underworld, Deathevan's servant Barubary has managed to inspire a seemingly peaceful religion called the Church of Saint Evans whose followers' prayers secretly feed and empower the demon lord. As demons begin to increase in number throughout the world, many of which being former people overwhelmed by sin, the prayers to the false god only increase...


In terms of races, the most interesting departure from D&D may be the fishlike manillo. These undersea people are the major drivers of commerce throughout the world, emerging from the oceans to work as merchants in port cities and helping to guard sailing ships from attack along the sea trade routes they've established.

Breath of Fire 2 in particular had a system of bringing together elemental spirits that could be infused into the party members. In certain cases a party member could fuse with one or more spirits to attain a radically different form and new abilities.


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I checked out Goblin Slayer and oh lordy! That would get some apoplectic what with all the hentai and triggering scenes.

World premise is solid though, nice tropes with twists.

Lands beset with monsters, adventuring guild with posted quests, ranked adventurers picking (in)appropriate quests based on greed/skill, ranked adventurers turning noses up at 'Goblin' quests and half of newbies getting slaughtered (or worse!) against goblins.

Haven't read it through, but I'm already getting the creep vibe about where goblins come from...

Just sort of struck me how Japanese storytellers seem to have a knack at skillfully delving concepts western writers kinda blow over - or wouldn't dare touch.

I see most of popular Asian fantasy franchises are Japanese, and the ones from Korea or China are almost unknown. I am afair mangaka have got better "worldbuilding" and this is very important for TTRPGs.

Tencent is a Chinese company, but you know today....TikTok and thay type of matters.

Karasu Tengu Kabuto was a old anime from the first years of 90's, each chapter was practically a "monster of the week".

Shurato is based in Indian culture. (we can't say Hinduist mythology because it's is a religion with followers).

Does anybody know Revelation Online?


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