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D&D General How should be an official intercompany D&D crossover?

Ghostbusters could be "guest artists" in Ravenloft.

Ninja Turtles would be better in Kara-Tur, and they are powerful, but not too much.

D&D had got an almost crossover. IDW published an event with the name "infestation", and a number was set in Eberron, but all the titles only shared a common menace.


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Urriak Uruk

Gaming is fun, and fun is for everyone
So an actual D&D crossover, like Teenage Mutant Turtles in Kara-Tur? Like gross, please no.

But fairly benign crossovers, like the Rick & Morty box set? Sure more of those are fine.

There's really no need for official explanations for how Superman can visit Greyhawk. If you want that explanation, write it yourself and use it in your home-game.

Most of IPs don't need to visit any D&D world when they can create their own fantasy land. The goal of the crossover is the advertising of both.

I have said many times in the past after D&D one of the future projects by WotC would be a d20 superheroes, and a new d20 Modern what allows adaptations of famous videogames, for example Overwatch or Fortnite. But to create a d20M 100% compatible with D&D is a lot of work for game designers. Let's imagine a DM wants a crossover Mars Attacks-Spelljammer. For gameplay the Martian technology has to be nerfed because if with a ray gun the can kill, desintegrate, hundred of people, then the power balance is totally broken.

Ravenloft is perfect for "guest artists" from horror genre, for example Ash Williams, the main character of "army of Darkness", or the one from the reboot. Maybe some writters who work for Enternaiment One have got their own suggestions.

* The heroes of Dragonlance could be "guest artists" in a crossover with a little trick. Some magic item in other world can summon "imaginary friends". These aren't the original heroes but "clones", artificial constructs. Or these characters are tulpas from the "ideaverse".

* Pathfinder by Paizo had got its own official crossover, the comic mini-serie Worldscape.


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