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4E 4E D&D: Brainstorming for the Next Tier of Adventures


*Edited from Original Post*

So I originally made a post regarding what I was thinking of covering for the Epic level of gameplay for my 4E D&D campaign. Because of a technical glitch, my original post was erased................

With that, I have read through the responses to that post and I want to thank the people who responded and encouraged me not to give up on a story idea just because of the announcement of Baldur's Gate 3 (My crew's HQ is in Baldur's Gate). After reading your responses, I talked to my play group about the idea of a Epic level campaign arch involving mind flayers and a cosmic threat coming to the prime material plane (probably involving something with the Far Realm) and they LOVED the idea. Despite WotC seemingly taking my story idea for Baldur's Gate 3, my players didn't care and now are really excited to get started after we are done with the current story arc.

So again, thank you for the responses. :D
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Maybe include if you can the epic destinies of the players so the whole game can be wrapped up including those.
That might give us some ideas.

Jacob Lewis

Ye Olde GM
Don't let some published work thwart your plans if you already have something in mind. This is YOUR campaign, as well as your players'. Whatever happens in the video game has yet to be revealed and could be completely different (and less satisfying) than what you have in mind. Plus, the experience in a computer game is very different than what you get in a tabletop session, even if they share some narrative elements. Don't deny your players that opportunity.

Regardless, I suggest getting with your players first. Let them know what you had planned and see if they are ok with it. They may be excited for the idea and less interested in the video game whenever it comes out.

, traveled the Elemental Chaos to stop Primordials from destroying the multiverse, disrupted plans from a powerful necromancer from becoming a god,
Sounds like you've skipped ahead to epic, already.

Toril and Abeir are slowly pulling away from each other on their own, so things like the Spellplauge are still happening, but they slowly diminishing in intensity and will eventually fizzle out on their own
No Epic potential, there, then...

[*]The party has spent a lot of time away from Baldur’s Gate through the Paragon Path adventures, so I was thinking of focusing the adventure in or around the city (possibly with the Undercity) for Epic tier
Feels like the wrong sense of scope. Maybe have some "duties" and "adventures" in the city that are below their paygrade, and serve as distractions from the developing Epic threat...? Could be amusing if they recruit "a small crew of odd balls looking for extra cash" to deal with some of those lesser problems.
They have been solicited before by Elminster and his work at Candlekeep, who is currently working on bring back Mystra as the goddess of magic
Preventing that and finally ridding the Realms of him would be a worthy epic goal.

the plot hooks presented in the Murder of Baldur’s Gate Campaign Guide, but with the announcement of Baldur’s Gate 3, they basically took the idea
I'll second "don't let that stop you"

(shame too, because one of my players could have possibly been a brewing Mind Flayer based on what he has been doing with his character). ...
I wanted to see what ideas folks might have for possible ways to move into the next part of the story.
Who are the PCs, and what are their Epic Destinies? The latter should hopefully figure into the campaigns final arc.


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[MENTION=6801619]thanson02[/MENTION] I am *terribly* sorry. There was a bug on the boards I thought was fixed, but apparently wasn't.

It had the effect of erasing the content on your opening post when I tired to move the thread. I am *really* sorry about that.


[MENTION=6801619]thanson02[/MENTION] I am *terribly* sorry. There was a bug on the boards I thought was fixed, but apparently wasn't.

It had the effect of erasing the content on your opening post when I tired to move the thread. I am *really* sorry about that.


I will re-write it when I can.