WotBS 4e Finding Jess section of adventure 3


Hey all.
Having a bit of confusion around the section in Seaquen called Someone Is Looking For You.
From what I understand the players are told that someone is looking for them, but the person who tells them knows nothing about Jess, only a name.
And then immediately after that (in the 4e version) there is a Skill Challenge that assumes the players are investigating the White Wyrms.
Am I missing some info, or misreading anything? I don't understand how the adventure is supposed to present the info that Jess is associated with the White Wyrms.
I assume that my players would just head to the location they were told about expecting to meet Jess.

I also have the 3.5 and 5e versions that I could check up on if there is some extra info there. But from what I looked at they seem to tackle this section in different ways.


Yes, the 3.5 and 5e version have Jess essentially just show up and rough up the party. She becomes a nice source of information and a precursor to know that someone (who is revealed later) is sending powerful beings after the party.