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4E 4E PrRC ~v2.7~ FINAL UPDATE May 29.08

Verys Arkon

First Post
(right click, save link as...)​

Was the 4E PHB Lite

Final Update, Version 2.7 of the Pre-release Rules Compilation is now available.

May 29, 2008
With only a week to go until the Core Ruleset is available, v2.7 will be the final update for the PrRC. There are known errors contained within the PrRC, but there is no promotional or preview material to correct the errors with. Scoops and internet chatter are referencing the core rulebooks now, so there is little new information that can be added to the PrRC. It is no long PRE-release.

It’s been a pleasure to work with the community to compile the known information about 4e pre-release, and I heartily thank all those that took the time to report errors and inconsistencies, or to provide scoops to be added. I sincerely hope the PrRC has helped gamers with their preparations for 4e, and that they are looking forward to the official launch as much as I am.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the designers and developers at WotC for all the hard work they have put into 4e to improve and reinvigorate our hobby. As much as I’ve enjoyed putting together the PrRC, I’m really looking forward to start my new campaign with ALL the rules, if the tidbits you’ve been showing us over the last year are any sign of what is around the corner!

If I ever make it to Gen Con, please say ‘Hello!’

All the best,
Verys Arkon

This document is a collection of preview and promotional material of D&D Fourth Edition from numerous sources, including:

• Wizards of the Coast D&D website http://www.wizards.com
• D&D XP Quick Start Rules http://www.wizards.com/dnd/files/news_20080228.zip
• Scalegloom Rules Appendix http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=221113
• WotC Pre-generated characters from D&D XP http://www.wizards.com/dnd/files/ExperienceCharacters.zip
• Transcribed photos of pages from the Core Books previewed at D&D XP as promotion
• Many EnWorld Forum posts
• Many WotC/Gleemax Forum posts​

Remember this is all based on preview material, subject to change when the 4E Core Ruleset is released June 6 2008. Where there was disagreement on the board posts about a particular rule or feature I attempted to find the most well supported argument (especially the point-buy system, where there is still debate if it is a 28 point-buy like 3.5E). I have attempted to keep speculation to a minimum, but there are some places where enough data has not yet been previewed. A notable exception is the Warlord class. Areas of particular uncertainty are flagged by ? or [ ] punctuation, or outlined in a box.

Remember this is only a tiny fraction of the whole game, so please don't judge 4e by the limited view here. I have to stress that YOU CANNOT JUDGE 4E BY THE Pre-release Rules Compiliation (aka the PHB LITE), it is assembled from potentially outdated preview material and some pretty clever guess-work by fans, but that is all. It gives impatient fans a single place to see what has been revealed (and what might be deduced), and it can give you an idea how it "might" play, but for goodness sake, wait until you get your hands on the real PHB in June before you make any final conclusions.

Errors and disagreements will abound! I will be collecting any errata people post here and updating the file at some point. Thanks to everyone who spots an inconsistency and takes the time to help improve the document.

A Note about Keep on the Shadowfell
Preview copies of the first 4e adventure, Keep of the Shadowfell, have been arriving at RPG stores in early May. There is a wealth of ‘crunchy’ rules and powers contained within the 80 pages of adventure and 16 page quick start rules. As much as I would love to include those details here, I won’t be adding any details to the PrRC from sources that are not released as part of the 4e preview and promotional campaign, unless someone from Wizards of the Coast says it is okay (email me! verys.arkon@gmail.com).​

Things I will be doing as a result of the KotS information:
Removing incorrect information
Correcting minor details about powers already revealed in another preview or promotional source
Adding names of powers with the note (See KotS)​

For a discussion about KotS reveals, see Thalmin’s thread.

Here are some other useful links to play a level 1 fan demo game


PrRC will complement ThirdWizards excellent Monsters and More PDF
Monsters and More

Keterys' Original 4e Monsters, compiled by VBMEW-01

Download the Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures RPG stats for Dungeons of Dread .​

Character Sheets

Neceros' 4e Character Sheets Now available in Landscape

PeelSeel2's Retro 4e Character sheet Version 2

VBMEW-01's "Original Creations Compilation" thread

Make your own Power Cards
**NEW** The 4E Fan Publishing site has amazing completed Power Cards generated from the Make Your Own Powercards thread.

Additional 1st Level Characters using PrRC

4e Fan-Made or Converted Adventures

Edit May 29.08
Added Warlord powers Viper’s Strike, Leaf on the Wind, Aid the Injured, and Steel Monsoon. (Tiefling Warlord pregen)
• Corrected Tactical Assault feat description. (Tiefling Warlord pregen)
• Corrected Cleric’s Healing Word (the + Wis is from Healing Lore, not as part of Healing Words).
• Hide armor has a -1 armor check penalty (Tiefling Warlord pregen)
• Removed +1 Reflex from Halflings, added +1 Reflex to Paladin (undoes the change made in v2.2) (Paladin sheet from Wired blog).
• Added Iron Will feat (+2 Will defense). (Wired blog)
• Confirmed short sword is +3 proficiency (FreeXenon quotes Scott TheRouse http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=226951 and Peter Shaffer’s reply, same thread)
• Changed spelling of Orcus from Ocrus (Fiendish Dire Weasel)
• Directed reader to KotS for concealment rules.
• Added Readied Actions (Logan Bonner http://www.enworld.org/showpost.php?p=4222808&postcount=20
• Updated Burst diagrams to read “Ranged Burst” instead of “Area Burst” or just Burst (Logan Bonner http://www.enworld.org/showpost.php?p=4241259&postcount=8)
• Edited fighter’s combat challenge (based on MindWanderer’s interpretation).
• Added Warlord’s Inspiring Words (Tiefling warlord pregen). Edited cleric’s healing word so it does not add +Wis HP (which seems to be from “Healing Lore” class feature).

Edit (May 21.08)
Updated to v2.6
• Added Magic Items excerpt, and Flaming, Phasing, and Holy Avenger magic weapons.
• Added Quests excerpt
• Ability score increases every 4 levels, +1 to two scores. At tier levels (11 and 21), add +1 to all stats (Thalmin)
• Added Githzerai, Gnoll, Hobgoblin, a second shifter type, to the list of playable monster races (Rechan).
• Added feat Two-Weapon Fighting (exact mechanic unknown). (Thalmin)
• Blinded condition gives -10 to perception checks.
• Justicair’s Just Radiance is Close Burst 5, not melee weapon (MindWanderer)
• Gnomes hinted to get +2 Int, +2 Cha (Logan Bonner)
• Changed Scalemail to Scale in armor table (Gavinfoxx).
• Added paragon path names (no details): Spellstorm mage, Iron Vanguard, Battle Archer, Battle Captain, Astral Weapon (Jonathan Tweet’s blog, http://www.gleemax.com/Comms/Pages/Communities/BlogPost.aspx?blogpostid=51266&pagemode=2&blogid=2076)
• Only two actions provoke OAs: Moving out of a square when an enemy is adjacent to you. Making a ranged attack. (DimitriX quoting a response from WotC to his question http://www.enworld.org/showpost.php?p=4233605&postcount=4
• Roll a recharge check per power (not one roll for all powers). “Roll a d6 if it equals any shown recharge number, the power recharges” Chris Sims
• Minion HP: “Minions interact normally with temporary hp rules (that's one reason why they have 1 hp).” (Chris Sims, http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=226755)
• Noted potions normally take a minor action to use, but administering a potion to someone else is a standard action. (KotS FAQ).​

Edit (May 15.08)
Updated to v2.5
• Added Epic Destinies to the Classes chapter, and the Archamage to the Wizard entry, from the excerpt (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080512a)
• Added Rewards excerpt (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080514a)
• Added magic item cost table derived by Keterys and Lurker59 from the Rewards excerpt.
• Added ability array 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 (KotS pregens)
• Standing up from prone does not provoke OA (D’karr)
• Confirmed Half-elves take an at-will power from another class and make it an encounter power (mearls).
• Added a bonus language to half-elves , humans, halflings,
• Added +2 Endurance, +2 Dungeoneering to dwarf skill bonuses (KotS)
• Wizards have 4 trained skills, Fighters have 3 (KotS)
• Added feat names Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Channel Divinity: Armor of Bahamut, and Healing Hands with a “See KotS” note.
• Added all power names from KotS pregens, with note See KotS (no power details will be included in PrRC, at this time).
• Class Skills: Wizard + Dungeoneering, + Religion; Fighter + Intimidate; Paladin + Endurance, +Intimidate,
• Changed longsword proficiency bonus to +3, quarterstaff +2,
• Armor Check Penalties apply to Endurance as well.
• Divine Fortune does a flat +1 bonus to saves, not +Cha.
• Turn undead pushes undead 6 squares, not 5.
• Correct Paladin’s Divine Challenge (KotS)
• Paladin’s Lay on Hands can be used Wis modifier/day (Mearls). Paladin’s Shielding Smite and Bolstering Smite use Cha, not Str, for attack vs AC (Mindwanderer).
• Added Skill Challenge Complexity Table (1-3).
• Added Giant to the languages list (Giant excerpt http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080512b), and Deep Speech (Swordwing excerpt http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080502b)
• Lava does not instantly kill (Mindwanderer, quoting Peter Schaeffer’s blog).

Edit (May 9.08)
Updated to v2.4

• Several changes from the Weapons excerpt http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080507a including: changed Weapon Proficiencies title to Weapon Categories, changed Weapon Categories title to weapon Groups and completed the list of groups, , added Heavy thrown and Light thrown weapon descriptions, and added Weapon Properties. Weapon table updated with new information.
• Added Warlord At-Will powers from the June Preview http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4pr/20080509a
• Added three traps from the June Preview http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4pr/20080509a
• Added fan-made adventure Expedition to Feywild link.
• Added possibility that Half-elf bonus power is instead a bonus multiclassing feat.
• Speculative: Added “Mixed Heritage” racial trait to half-elves, allowing them to take human feats (and probably elven feats) – see half-elf pregen with human feat Action Surge.
• Replaced Melora with Obad-Hai as the Nature deity (Cold_Hellfire)
• Changed warhammer and handaxe from proficiency +1 to proficiency +2, to ‘fix’ Kathra, the pregenerated dwarven fighter since dwarven weapon training feat gives +2 damage only.
• Adjusted Paladin’s “On Pain of Death” to do 3d8, not 3[W].
• Changed Fighter’s “Passing Attack” attack line to read “Str vs AC”, not “Melee vs AC”.
• Added Drow as a playable monster (D&D Podcast 21)
• Made a note for Ability Score “Method A”, that if using the 3.5 system use 30 points.
• Corrections from KotS (Thalmin, unless otherwise noted)

o Dragonborn breathweapon damage is 1d6
o Draconic Heritage increases your healing surge value by your Con modifier
o Fixed Paladin’s Divine Challenge text
o Fixed Lay on Hands from 3/day to Wis mod/day
o Divine Strength does Str again to damage
o Sacred Flame grants Cha Modifier + ½ level temp HP, not a flat +2
o Half-elf ability bonus might be +2 Con instead of +2 Any.
o Added power names and “(See KotS)”

- Expeditious Retreat (wizard utility 2)
- Fire Shoud (wizard attack 3)
- Trick Strike (rogue daily 1)
- Valiant Strike (paladin at-will attack 1)
- Radiant Smite (paladin encounter 1)
- Paladin’s Judgement (paladin daily 1)
- Martyr’s Blessing (paladin utility 2)
- Staggering Smite (paladin encounter attack 3)
- Bait and Switch (rogue encounter 3) (DimitriX)
- Sly Flourish (rogue at-will 1) (DimitriX)
- Spinning Savagery (fighter encounter 3) (DimitriX)
- Reaping Strike (fighter at-will 1) (DimitriX)​

Edit (May 5):
Updated to v2.3

• Added racial feats from the Racial Benefits excerpt
• Edited Skill Challenges from the Skill Challenges excerpt. http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080505a
• Added bonus trained skill: History, to Eladrin (since the ranger pregen has an extra trained skill). (jaldaen)
• Moved the bonus feat back to the ranger and away from the Eladrin (feat is maybe from an archer build option??)
• Changed several powers “Attack” line from melee or ranged to Str or Dex to more closely follow the standard ability vs defense pattern (jaldaen)
• Corrected Class Summary table’s skills for cleric and ranger. (jaldaen)
• Added a note for the Paladin’s Divine Strength power to indicate the bonus might be +Str instead of +2. (jaldaen)
• Changed the Dragonborn’s breath weapon attack to “Attack: Str, Con or Dex vs. Reflex” instead of vs Fortitude.​

Edit (May 1):
Updated to v2.2
Changes include:
• Added “How to Read a Power” excerpt. http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080425a
• Added "Multiclassing by Feats" excerpt and edited feats table. http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080430a
• Added Justiciar Paragon Path prayers
• Changed First Reaction feat from heroic to paragon tier
• Noted temporary HP last until the end of the encounter, unless otherwise stated.
• Removed +1 Reflex from Paladin, added +1 Reflex to Halfling
• Removed +1 Will defense from Ranger, added +1 Will defense to Eladrin http://www.enworld.org/images/4e/IMG_1244.jpg
• Removed bonus feat from Ranger, added bonus feat to Eladrin
• Added Prime Shot to the Ranger as a class skill.
• Changed key ability for Nature skill from Int to Wis, and removed Ranger’s +1 to Nature skill.
• Updated Ranger’s Class Skills list.
• Added speculative weapon proficiencies to class descriptions. Reorganized weapon table by proficiency (based on 3.5 PHB classification)​

Edit (April 24):
Updated to v2.1
Changes include:
• Edited the Warlord entry to match the PHB excerpt (http://wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080421a)
• Added Paragon Paths to Classes (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080423a)
• Added sections for Monster Roles, Monster Categories, and quoted the “Customizing Monsters” excerpt (http://wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080418a)
• Added a list of known playable monster races.
• Added known weapon categories and weapon proficiency groups.
• Added Paragon Tier feats (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080423a)
• Added feats Inspired Recovery and Weapon Focus
• Added list of known bonus types
• Added list of know Gods and speculated portfolios (MRick; Portfolios by Hong with additions by Sonny, Malraux, Bold or Stupid, FabioMilitoPagliara).
• Removed mention of “Universal Skills” (MindWalker)
• Edited the Experience and Power Progression chart to include Paragon Path powers and features.
• Corrected Dragonborn in the Race Summary table so they get +2 Cha instead of +2 Wis (Chibbot, malcolm_n)
• Added a 9th level daily at level 9 in the progression table (Torchlyte)
• Cleric Daily Cascade of Light does 3d8 + Wis damage, not 3[W] + damage (Bayonet_Chris)​

Edit (April 17):
A major update to the PrRC deserves a full 2.0 version number!
Added Dragonborn to races section, racial ability score modifiers, racial skill modifiers (Kwalish Kid)
Added Warlord (still MANY unknowns), to classes section – including powers known, all appropriate tables. (TheLordWinter, Deathdonut).
• Added enough fan-generated powers to create a level 1 Warlord and a level 1 Rogue (Deathdonut, TheLordWinter, VBMEW-01, author of the pre-gens Varis Darkstrider and Fidder Rivers).
Added Power progression table from preview article “4th edition Tiers” http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080416a
• Removed the Alternate HP Method “B” table, and verified HP Method “A” as correct http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4ex/20080416a (DandD)
• Added Wizard powers Dispell Magic. Added known Wizard powers revealed at DDXP. Added high level Paladin smites.
Added feats Tactical Assault and Burning Blizzard (eiglos).
• Added Ranger bonus feat (Sadrik, bganon)
Added illustrations for Bursts and Blasts.
• Added Line of Sight and Line of Effect rules from DDM2.
• Clarified Healing Surges, after Chris Sims (WotC Designer) post.
• Clarified what happens on a natural 20 during a death saving throw (activate Second Wind, if available) (FitzTheRuke)
• Clarified Warlock’s curse and Ranger’s Quarry to indicate the additional damage only applies to successful attacks. It is not ‘auto-damage’.
• Paladin’s Shielding Smite adds + Wis AC, instead of +Cha (if Shielding Smite is the renamed Safeguard Smite) (FireLance).
• Paladin’s Holy Strike does 1[W] + Str damage (bganon)
• Added additional text to Critical Hits to clarify extra damage (from High Crit weapons, for instance) is rolled, and all other damage die are maximized (Xorn).
• Added initiative calculation.
• Removed bonus language from the half-elf (Tira’s extra language is likely related to intelligence, not race?) (FitzTheRuke)
• Reduced Wizard’s trained skills by 1.
Updated Neceros’ character sheets to Beta F.
• Added known class skills to class descriptions
• Changed references to base ability modifiers to be more consistent.
• Reverted calculations for defenses to a previous version to specifically include +1/2 character level (since ½ level is not added to ability modifiers).
Added colors to powers (Dave Noonan's Blog 3.25.2008)
• Reorganized Actions, Movement, Injury, and Combat sections to more closely follow 3.5 PHB organization.
• Formatting: Changed font to Mentor (used in the PHB), narrowed margins, improved pagination for double-sided printing.​

For updates prior to v2.0, see the full Update History at the back of PrRC.
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Not bad, but the lay out is a little confusing in certain areas. Perhaps adding in a dividing line between subsections would help. Example is the break between Ranger and Rogue.


First Post
Very nice - there are some errors. Like, the half-elf gets a bonus power... check out Ray of Frost (an encounter power), which suggests humans can take encounter powers too. Also note it's from another class.

The halfling +1 to all defenses seems less likely since they updated Corrin on wotc's site to remove 2 from his Will, suggesting paladins get +1 to all defenses and halflings get nothing.

You can probably be more consistent - ie, humans and half-elf writeups should look more similar for bonus skill, etc.

I _really_ suspect 17 is 14 points, not 13. 13->18 seems ludicrous.

Anyhow, I'll let other people errata this... but awesome job.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Might want to check the spelling of "roll" and "role" - spotted a couple of typos there.

I would suggest sourcing it, too: just so people know you haven't made it up. I recognise the source of a lot of the info, but many people won't.


First Post
I think someone else suspected per level hp are (static bonus at 1st level) / ~2.5, which would give you

Fighter 6
Rogue 5
Wizard 4

I think we need at least one more data point :)

Relique du Madde

First Post
Uhm... Not to be a total killjoy, but what you did *MIGHT* considered a infringement since there IS NO OGL for 4e and since there is no SGL available at the moment. Like your pdf saids, "CONTENTS PROPERTY OF WIZARDS OF THE COAST." Thus, I'm not sure if you could legally compile information on 4e they way you did (especially any text they might have released with a copywrite).

For your sake, I hope WoTC's lawyers are not bloodthirsty now that they had a change in management.


First Post
I love this

Though I'm sure you'll have some erata, I look forward to using it as my group plans to switch over now and play what we know, filling in the blanks as we must.


keterys said:
I think someone else suspected per level hp are (static bonus at 1st level) / ~2.5, which would give you

Fighter 6
Rogue 5
Wizard 4

I think we need at least one more data point :)

That would be me. ;)

I'm still convinced it will be Defenders get 6 hp per level, Strikers and Leaders get 5, and Controllers get 4.


Relique du Madde said:
Uhm... Not to be a total killjoy, but what you did *MIGHT* considered a infringement since there IS NO OGL for 4e and since there is no SGL available at the moment. Like your pdf saids, "CONTENTS PROPERTY OF WIZARDS OF THE COAST." Thus, I'm not sure if you could legally compile information on 4e they way you did (especially any text they might have released with a copywrite).

For your sake, I hope WoTC's lawyers are not bloodthirsty now that they had a change in management.

It's free, concerning information handed out for free intended as a promotion. I am not saying you couldn't make a legal issue out of it, however I am saying it's probably fine. Their damages are right around $0.00.


First Post
There's a mistake on Flanking. A flanked creature grants combat advantage to every other creature in the encounter, not just the flankers.

This is incorrect. Only creatures actively flanking get the combat advantage (much like if a creature is invisible it gains combat advantage just for itself)

Some DMs made this mistake at DDXP.

I'm pretty sure he's safe legally due to the reasons Mistwell stated.

I agree that 17 is 14 points.

I eagerly await the updated version after we all have time to hack your hard work to pieces, thanks! :p


IThe human cleric's init was fixed, so humans don't get +1 init

As far as I can tell, the halfling's size does not effect its defenses.

Last edited:


I thought the DDXP PCs where made using a 28 (or, in error, 29) point buy with the same cost as 3E IIRC.
8 costs 0
9 costs 1
10 costs 2
11 costs 3
12 costs 4
13 costs 5
14 costs 6
15 costs 8
16 costs 10
17 costs 13
18 costs 16

Edit: And thanks! nice write up :)
Last edited:


keterys said:
They were supposedly all legal characters (no stat errors), which invalidates 28 point buy .
Unless they went back and changed it the guy who wrote then said on a thread that he had made some errors (all in the PCs favour) cos he wrote them a 2am! I'll look for the thread....(edit)can't find it grrrr :\
Last edited:


First Post
As a programmer, one thing that always gets me is trying to ensure that I have the most up-to-date files. To this end, it is useful if you include a version number in your post so people can know if they need to update their file. I know I would appreciate it. :)

I was hoping someone would do this, I am too busy with senior project here at university to compile and update so much info. Thanks!

Halloween Horror For 5E