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Dark Sun Gnome

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Posted Krinth in Races of Toril, and tweaked the korokorburu. Also tweaked the Races of Krynn (having advantage on all Sleight of Hand checks for all Kender is just asking for a lot of trouble - more so than letting players be kender :))

Dark Sun Gnome

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Tweaked khaasta and shad, and added extaminaar (crossbreeds between yuan-ti and humans) and slyths (humanoids apparently stemming from polymorphed gelatinous cubes) to Races of Toril.


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My next game to join will be multi-dimensional, I was planning to do a druid but as for race my DM is pretty open to suggestions.
I'm looking for something really off the wall if anyone has an idea.


World of Kulan DM
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I finally got around to replying; I ended up taking my Warforged race concept down and reposted it to the DM's Guild. I figured why not make some money off of it. I put a lot of effort into it.

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