D&D 5E 5e Lists of Monsters, Spells, Races, Feats, Etc.

I haven't gone through Storm King's Thunder yet, but I think this is everything from WotC and Tome of Beasts.

I will try to update this periodically.

Disclaimers: Everything in the spreadsheet is owned by the various publishers (WotC and Kobold Press).


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Added the UA cleric divine domains, all the PC options from Volo's Guide to Monsters, and all monsters CR 1/2 or less (and any monsters with stat blocks on the same pages as the low CR monsters).



I was going over the index (love this index) and made the attached edited version that modifies the classes to include a couple of missing UA articles (Kits of Old, The Faithful) and adds Warlock Patrons in general since we see more of those in supplements then Pacts. I also updated many missing download links on the sources page. Anyway, I've uploaded this on the chance it might save you some time. :)

Edit: I was feeling extra industrious so I added and populated a Backgrounds tab as well.

View attachment 5e Indexes (2.0c).xlsx

Updated: 11/28/2016 adds new UA Druid Circles.
Updated: 12/05/2016 adds new UA Fighter archetypes to MechaTarrasque's new version.
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