D&D 5E Kobold Press' Tome of Beasts Joins D&D Beyond

400 monsters for D&D 5E.


Tome of Beasts is the latest third party book to appear on D&D Beyond. The book, first published by Kobold Press in 2016, contains over 400 monsters for D&D 5E.

You can pick it up on DDB for $39.99.

Whether you need dungeon vermin or world-shaking villains, Tome of Beasts 1 has it. This book presents foes suitable for any campaign setting—from tiny drakes and peculiar spiders to demon lords and ancient dragons.

These monsters have been designed so that GMs can use them in their favorite settings for fantasy adventure. This monstrous tome contains:
  • More than 400 new monsters for use with the D&D Beyond Encounters tool.
  • Updated with errata, streamlined mechanics, and new monster art from the original Tome of Beasts.
  • Expansive tables that organize creatures by challenge rating, creature type, and terrain.[/callout[

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I can. I'm skeptical about how Hasbro/Wizards seem to be trying to use D&D Beyond to devour all online D&D, and this will just make it easier.

Love the Tome of Beasts, though, and I hope this works out well for Kobold Press.
The flip side is that these 3PP companies still get to exist and sell outside of DDB, as well, so in that way, it doesn't harm access to those things.

But I agree that skepticism over this specific subject is important. As long as WOTC can continue to sweep their worst practices under the rug for a rather huge amount of the D&D market, and shore up their one-stop-shop placement, the harder it will be for those who are against those practices to make any kind of statement with their wallets.


New Publisher
They have increased support for Roll20, FantasyGrounds and even began support for Foundry.

That's the opposite of turning Beyond into a one-stop shop. They do own one of the shops. They also work with three others.
Not to mention DMSGUILD.....which they don't own.

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