[5E] Maximum Support


What are some really great builds that focus massively on supporting the rest of the party?
Here is one that caught my attention: Rune Knight 8/Mastermind 6/Totem Barbarian 6.

Every single turn he can 30' Help Action, 30' Help Bonus Action, Familiar Help Action, and+6AC to Ally Reaction.
Wolf Totem gives advantage against any enemy he is standing next to while raging.
Enemies WILL want to attack you because you are a massive engine of Advantage for your entire team.

Out Of Combat
Storm Rune gives 1 minute of super advantage for any combat or non combat challenge.
Fire Rune gives expertise with all proficient tools.
Rogue 6 gives expertise in four skills.
Int 20 + Expertise + Goggles of Minute Seeing + Observant = 29-37 Passive Investigation.
The usual wizard goodies from Ritual Caster.


I was thinking about maximum supporter too, but much more as caster char. And there was something like bard, cleric, druid, maybe fighter battlemaster with right maneuvers.. but nothing on paper.


Order cleric lets your allies perform attacks as a reaction when you target them with any spell. Glamour bard has the ability to totally reposition its allies. I'd probably go order cleric 1/mastermind rogue 3/glamour bard 16.

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I do like the college of Glamour ability because it's one die use that affects, essentially, the whole party - so the efficiency is great (plus the temp HP). I'm not sure how often repositioning the whole party is relative to some of the other options for inspiration like Cutting Words. I think it might be better the more often combats are run on a grid.

Done without UA I'd probably look at the caster option ans start with Rogue Mastermind 3/Chain Warlock 3. That gives you the ranged double help as above. If you went bard the rest of the way, whatever the college, you end up in the same place. That said, is the mastermind really necessary when the Warlock's familiar does the same thing with even better range plus a ton of other added utility? IDK. Warlocks can do a bunch of repositioning stuff against foes using Eldritch Blast, pushing and pulling and whatnot. I'd like to see how that plays with the Glamour Bard thing in actual play.

I'm going to stop barfing ideas now. o_O


It's not "Rouge"... That's makeup.
Life Cleric 1/Lore Bard X is a great support character.

You spend combat primarily buffing/debuffing, Concentrating on spells like Bless/Bane or Faerie Fire (or Haste from Magic Secrets), handing out Bardic Inspiration, using Cutting Words to intercede, tossing around Vicious Mockery for disadvantage, and swooping in with Healing Words as needed when someone goes down. You also have some great control spells to utilize too, like Hideous Laughter, Hold Person/Monster, Confusion, Crown of Madness, Hypnotic Pattern, Stinking Cloud, etc. You can do all the above while hunkered down behind your Medium/Heavy Armor and Shield, and never even need to pick up a weapon or cast a damage spell yourself (other than the incidental damage from Vicious Mockery).

Then after combat, Song of Rest plus access to Magic Secrets healing spells like Goodberry, Aura of Vitality, or Healing Spirit provide nice boosts to party recovery, with these spells buoyed further by your Life Cleric Disciple of Life ability.

Outside of combat, you're a Skill Monkey with lots of skill proficiencies plus half-proficiency on everything else, and access to various useful utility spells to boot. And liberal use of the Guidance cantrip helps with everyone's skill checks.

Like most primary support characters, it's not as ideal in a 2/3 person party, where additional direct damage may be needed to win combats. But it shines in a 4/5+ person party.
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A divine soul with Inspiring Leader can cover a lot of arrays.

You're a face if you want, you have access to Cleric spells (Bless, Healing Word, Aid, Spirit Guardians).

That's a pretty good support. You can litterally pick buffs/debuffs and be a huge supporter without dealing much damage.