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...but does it really matter, because in another three years they'll junk it and do 6e?

Does this look like a troll post? Well, you could get defensive and call it that, but it seems like a pretty good reflection of what the corporate gaming world has actually become.

GW, as we all know, does the same thing with Warhammer and 40K, and, from a business standpoint, this makes good sense. The company's loyalty is and should be to its investors, not to a bunch of gamers. If you can slip in a new edition and get them to buy it, you should. They'll get tired of this tactic, eventually, but by the time they do, another crop of rpers / minis gamers, will have grown up to become your new target audience.

Yes, it does make good, solid, corporate business sense. But is that what you want driving your hobby?

I am far more interested in the Pathfinder and Zero-edition revolutions. Both of these are labors of love, at least to some extent, and both provide good, solid gaming fun.

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Rant over.

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Edition warring is against the policies of EN World. If you have nothing productive to say in the 5E forum, then stay out of it.

If you think what you're saying might seem like trolling. It is to someone, so you should revise your post.

Closing this thread, at least for now.

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