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D&D 5E 5e monsters that can indefinitely charm.....(SPOILER for N1:Against the cult of the Reptile God)


Also, charm vs dominate is a fun distinction in 5e.

Someone charmed is unable to hurt the person they have charmed, and that person has advantage on social skill checks. That is it.

So a long-duration charm effect is great. You can then have domination or suggestions require a skill check by the Naga.

Hypnotic Eyes: When a creature first sees the Naga's eyes, they must make a DC X wisdom saving throw or be charmed by the Naga. In addition, as an action, the Naga can also stare deeply into one creatures eyes; this creature must make a DC X wisdom saving throw; if they pass this saving throw, they are immune to the Naga's eyes for 24 hours.

Creatures Charmed by the Naga this way are also unable to damage the Naga's allies. If a creature protected by this (including the Naga) damages a Charmed creature, that Charmed creature becomes able to harm that protected creature.

Suggestion: As an action the Naga can suggest a course of action to creatures they have Charmed. The Naga makes a Charisma(Persuasion) check opposed by their Wisdom(Insight). Creatures who fail this check are compelled to follow the suggestion. They get a Wisdom saving throw to throw off the suggestion:
  • After 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and every year after the effect starts
  • Whenever the suggestion entails doing damage or other concrete harm to a friend or ally
  • Whenever the suggestion would cause them to violate their bonds, ideals or flaws
If the suggestion goes along with their bonds, ideals or flaws, the saving throw is at disadvantage.

Domination: As an action the Naga can attempt to dominate a creature they have Charmed. The Naga makes a Charisma(Intimidation) check opposed by any of Intelligence(Investigation), Wisdom(Insight) or Charisma(Deception). If the Naga succeeds, the creature is Dominated for 1 round for every point the Naga won. At the end of each of the creature's turns, they make a saving throw (based off the attribute used to resist the Domination) to end the Domination.

When the Domination fails or ends, the Charmed creature makes a DC X wisdom saving throw to end the Charmed effect.

Depending on the skill used to defend, a different effect happens when the defender defeats the Naga's domination:
Deception: The Naga is unaware the Domination failed. The target is told what to do, and is free to do it or not.
Investigation: The Naga has no longer has advantage on Charisma ability checks on the creature while the creature is charmed.
Insight: Their saving throws against the Naga's Charmed condition are at advantage.


Probably too complex. Still, fun to think about.

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