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Hail, adventurers! I'm looking for players for a 5E game that I'd run at my place in Falls Church one Saturday afternoon per month (I run a 1st ed. AD&D game once a month as well, so a second game session per month would be my limit). This would be just a single adventure to start, to be extended into a longer campaign if the group gels nicely (no drama, no griefers, no rules lawyers, etc.). PCs would be 1st level, and the setting would be Greyhawk, although I'm also considering Eberron. I have limited house rules (document is attached), some of which may be open for discussion and revision. If interested, get in touch so we can chat.


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Looking for an occasional player? I am a reentry type in Vienna who has similar feel for 5e as your posted GM rules. Played & GMed D&D 1.0 in college in 1974-76, and recently semi-retired to half-time remote consulting. Yep, a young 70 year old. My gigs (engineering, music, medical) have commitments, so I can't make every session. michael.bosworth@mac.com

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