Planescape 5e Planescape- What would you like to see in the upcoming setting?


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I'd like to see some of the various creatures that populate the Planes make an appearance! Things like the Incantifers (powerful immortal wizards who feed off of magic!), the keepers (mysterious men-in-black aberrations), linquas (Constructs from Gehenna addicted to serving the deity of thieves), formians (lawful ant centaurs) and even oddballs like moignos, the sapient math equations from Mechanus!

As well, some cool NPCs like Shemeshka the Marauder, the Us, and Alluvius Ruskin would be awesome to see, hopefully with stat blocks to accompany them!

And hopefully some of the Planar Cant makes its way in, even though I somewhat doubt that it will, unfortunately.

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As one of the few people who enjoyed the format and content of Spelljammer, I wouldn't mind seeing something similar for Planescape.

80 Page setting guide - 30 pages on a reimagined Sigil, it's factions, and it's way of life. 50 pages split between the outer planes.
80 page monster guide
80 page Tier III adventure that blasts thru Sigil and 4-5 outer planes

The faction war could continue in the Gatetowns. There is a great potential here.

Interesting PC species. Not only the glitchlings, but also the bariaur or the paragenasies. I miss the mechanatrixes from Fiend Folio, those planetouched from Mechanus.

* Summonable monsters, paraelementals and quasielementals: ice, magma, smoke, clay...

* A new plane style Feywild or Shadowfell. There is a potential in the mirror plane.

* Planar dragons, and planar dragonborns. The infernal dragons are perfect for Ravenloft.

* A second layer within Sigil, like a second toroid, but larger, with the size of a region, not only a megacity.


I would love to see the folks behind PS: Torment (Chris Avellone & Colin McComb) – or at least the design ethos they had – brought to bear on the setting (e.g. show us ways the PCs can "move mountains/gate-towns with belief" or "talk an evil spirit/illusion-made-manifest out of existence"). Don't leave it as a snappy byline – design the heck out of the weirdness/philosophy as a central feature.

In terms of product, I want it to mostly go the opposite direction from Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. So make it more lore and random table heavy (a la Worlds Without Number), focused on giving the GM the tools to design their own adventures on the planes. BUT guide the design towards every plane as an adventure location, not just "oh yeah, it's there as backdrop, but this other place is where the adventures are" (even places like Bytopia or Elysium). Due to page count limits, this may necessitate focusing on the Outer Planes & Sigil, and leaving the Elemental Planes for another product/adventure.

Planar dragons, and planar dragonborns. The infernal dragons are perfect for Ravenloft.
This reminds me of when Dragon Magazine came out with a couple articles on each kind of planar dragon. :) The Pyroclastic Dragon of Gehenna. The Beast Dragon of the Beastlands. The Elysian Dragon whose breath weapon could make you drunk if you failed your Constitution save. :p Each article had a sidebar for anyone wanting to create a planar Half-Dragon. 😄

I would be thrilled if Planescape 5e came out with a table on Planar Dragonborn.


I would really love if they give useful directions for those that want to play before the Faction Wars. Full rules for all the 15 Sigyl ruling factions before the war.

I know many people like the Faction Wars and it is all ok. But lots of us (including myself) consider it what broke the setting.
FWIW, Keys from the Golden Vault makes a few references to at least 1 classic Planescape faction, even specifically stating that it operates out of Sigil. So that suggests that we might see a return to the pre-Faction War status quo.

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