Planescape 5e Planescape- What would you like to see in the upcoming setting?


Have one artist give a beautiful and unique look to the setting. Tony DiTerlizzi did a most excellent job with the TSR version. And while I maybe dreaming on this, recreating the box sets and maps that TSR did would be so nice to see in todays pdf world.
That is potentially problematic though. I didn't touch Planescape in part because of Tony's art.

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James Gasik

We don't talk about Pun-Pun
Bring back back the interplanar freakshow. The planar tieflings that only had the fact they had nothing common in common. Not the crayon box of demon boys but uncanny valley the race. Sentient wombats who only communicate through ululating. Clerics who worship the number 17 as a God. 8' tall half lings that are perfectly in scale with the rest of the races on their world. Make it weird But make it wonderful.

And for God's sake make it more than 64 pages
These guys!

I wouldn't mind seeing Shardminds back either.


Rip the bandaid off: replace alignment with factions entirely. Have faction-based spells. Include a robust faction system.

And while we're ripping band-aids off, just rewrite the thing from the ground up. Keep the base idea of a Great wheel with a hub super-city overrun with factions in a tenuous balance. Rethink everything else. Make the Lady of Pain a character instead of an unbeatable mask the DM wears to punch you into doing things the Planescape Way. Make the Heavens useful to the universe instead of just driving the Blood war and all the soul capturing that fuels it. Add upward mobility to the Upper Planes like there is in the Lower ones. Add an actual Chaos race instead of the Hell Frogs. They can stay, but they don't get to be the exemplars.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Rip the bandaid off: replace alignment with factions entirely. Have faction-based spells. Include a robust faction system.
I would also do this for capital letter alignments generally. Make Law, Chaos and arguably the other big three into cosmic organizations/forces/factions that player characters can align with or oppose. If your character wants to serve the forces of Law (no matter how they behave or what they believe otherwise), let them.

But don't automatically draft them into a cosmic war that may mean nothing to them just because they don't believe in paying their parking tickets.
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No Astral Sea- please, please, please have them make the Astral a PLANE again. And not some Sea of Stars that Spelljammers zoom up into 'space'. And...Planejammer is fine, but DO NOT mix Spelljammer with Planejammer. You DON"T take off from a moon in space, fly across the Astral Sea, slip into an Abyssal ocean to fight a Demon Kraken, then sail over to Ysgard for some drink and ship repairs, then zip back through the astral sea to land on the jungle planet.
I know it’s not your intent, but you just totally sold me on an Astral Sea Spelljammer/Planescape mash-up. I’d buy that!

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