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Mal and Tal Enterprises, LLC is pleased to announce our latest 5E RPG setting book, Academy Adventures. You can purchase it here.


Is the magic inside you?

Being a wizard requires a serious education, and only the very best attend Zaubereich Academy, where students progress through three levels of learning and gain valuable life skills that will help their adventuring career now and in the future.

This campaign setting features a detailed four-level campus with accompanying maps, rules for playing student wizards, nine new arcane traditions, two new species, 19 new familiars, 22 new monsters to summon, and over 40 NPCs (including students, faculty, and staff). It also includes a random event generator for life at the academy and a variety of special events, from broom racing to formal dancing, magic sports to magical duels.

If you think you have what it takes, put on your best robes, grab your wand, and don your floppy hat. Academy Adventures await!

This setting is included at our Patreon for Tier 4 patrons. You can for just $1/month and receive 3 digital decks of cards, 4 monster supplements, a comic, and a novel as soon as you join. At higher support levels, patrons receive 10 more digital decks, an additional 500+ 5E monsters, three setting books, a full digital comic series, a digital novel trilogy, an autographed physical copy, and much more with new content added monthly. Join us at Patreon today!

About Mal and Tal Enterprises, LLC
Mal and Tal Enterprises, LLC is a writing and game design studio led by Amber and Mike Tresca. Their company produces podcasts, novels, comics, and game accessories. For more information, see their web page on DriveThruRPG.

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