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Stamford, CT, June 25, 2023: Mal and Tal Enterprises, LLC is pleased to announce our latest monster guide, 5E Foes: Gothic Villains, out this month. You can purchase it here.


Featured on the hit podcast 50 Date Night Screams!

This rogue's gallery features fifty different villains from a variety of genres, all drawn from classic drama, mystery, and horror movies that are in the public domain. Watch along with our podcast and then see how we adapted each villain to a fantasy campaign; in some cases, the bad guys deliver on their villainous potential better than the original source!

This 5E supplement features 32 humanoids (1 elf, gnome, and halfling; 2 half-elves and 2 dwarves; 25 humans), 9 undead, 2 constructs, 2 fey, 2 fiends, 2 monstrosities, and 1 giant. Each villain has its own legendary, lair, and regional effects. Challenge ratings range from CR 7 (Chet the Psycho) to CR 18 (Baba Yaga). There are also 18 new weapons, 14 new minions, and 2 new poisons to round out each villain.

If your heroes are tired of the same old boring bad guys, these gothic villains are here to shake things up! You can purchase it on DriveThruRPG and as part of a 5E RPG Gothic-themed bundle of products. Follow along with the 50 Date Night Screams podcast each week as we review a movie in the public domain and then discuss the gothic villain inspired by it.

This product has been added to the dozens of games, novels, and comics available to our Tier 4 and 5 Patrons on Patreon. To be notified of new freebies as they’re posted, join our Patreon for just $1/month. You’ll receive 3 digital decks of cards, 4 monster supplements, a comic, and a novel as soon as you join. At higher support levels, patrons receive 10 more digital decks, an additional 500+ 5E monsters, three setting books, a full digital comic series, a digital novel trilogy, an autographed physical copy, and much more with new content added monthly. Join us at Patreon today!

About Mal and Tal Enterprises, LLC

Mal and Tal Enterprises, LLC is a writing and game design studio led by Amber and Mike Tresca. Their company produces podcasts, novels, comics, and game accessories. For more information, see their web page on DriveThruRPG.
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