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Jedi Master
Haven't done a best 5E sourcebook (non core) or best adventure in a few years and the list on both sides has grown a lot since then.


Combining all 3 BG games there's about 36 npcs including dragonspear. Including the expanded games you've got another 5. If we do just bg3 that's like 6.
I wasn't thinking abut bg at all. I meant the ttg spells.

Sorry, I quoted the wrong message. I wasn't tlaking about BG NCs at all. Sorry for confusion


Frumious Flumph (Your Grace/Your Eminence)
Okay, well, I know nothing about Baldur's Gate 3 (all I know about BG is from the Murder in Baldur's Gate module, which I highly recommend). But, sourcebooks are a possibility. Okay, give me a few minutes.

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