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D&D General 5E Survivor - D&D Artists

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I wish you weren't so sad, @el-remmen. I mean Otus no disrespect, but Larry Elmore's work is just so iconic for me. His work graced the covers of so many of the D&D books that I grew up with. Bargle and Aleena. The Red Box Rules. The Expert Set. Dragonlance. For better or worse, Larry Elmore's illustration style has become the very definition of "what Dungeons & Dragons is supposed to look like" for me, forever.

I'm not going to trash-talk another artist, especially on flimsy arguments of my own invention (my personal preference, my own opinion, etc.) Suffice to say, Erol Otis is a very talented artist, and his work has also graced many a cover of a classic D&D book. He has definitely earned his place on the list, and deserves his Top Seven ranking. His work isn't my cup of tea, and there's no helping it...but that's my problem, not his.

I appreciate the discussion.

I can't argue the logic....but my favorite artists are those that have a distinct style that calls to me. The Elmore art you attach is VERY DnD, but it's indistinguishable from multiple other artists to me. EO, on the other hand, is so distinct to me that I can spot their art in any project instantly (see my earlier post about Star Control).


Hobbit on Quest (he/him)
Jeff Easley 30
Larry Elmore 21
Tyler Jacobson 24
David S. LaForce 24
Todd Lockwood 19
Erol Otus 14
Eva Widermann 1


Jedi Master
Jeff Easley 32-2=30
Larry Elmore 19
Tyler Jacobson 22+1=23
David S. LaForce 22
Todd Lockwood 20
Erol Otus 15

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