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D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities Final Round: Anubis Wins!


Limit Break Dancing (He/They)
And now, the exciting conclusion of:
The 5E Battle of the Gods! (thunder, lightning, locusts, floods)

We've battled our way through the ten pantheons represented in the official Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition core rulebooks, starting with the Forgotten Realms pantheon in the Player's Handbook, and finishing with The Dawn War Deities in the Dungeon Master's Guide. Each pantheon was its own contest, to choose a finalist that would advance to a final round, where all of the finalists would go head-to-head. Now , it is time. Which one will be The Survivor?

The Rules and Stuff
  • This time, only the Finalists are presented.
  • I'll repeat: this week, only the Finalists are presented.
  • Each deity starts with 50 points. Why 50? Pretend they are "boss" monsters.
  • Every day, you vote for one deity that you like, which gains 1 point. And then you vote for a different deity that you dislike, which loses 2 points. It is intentional that a negative vote is worth more than a positive vote - first, because it takes something extra to whittle these guys down to size. Second, because.
  • Mark your upvotes in green, and downvotes in red. Or just show them in bold text and use "+1" and "-2" to mark them, if colored text is too difficult on your browsing device.
  • It's easier if you just copy and paste the previous poster’s vote and change the numbers.
  • You may vote only once per day in each category. This is an honor system, and we are all honorable gamers; please do not abuse it. If this means you vote once at night one day, and once the next morning - that's fine, but don't vote again until the following day. Rule of thumb: if your most recent vote post says "yesterday" in the date tag, you can vote again.
  • This is purely a popularity contest and you do not have to explain an upvote or downvote, but feel free to - explanations are where the fun is! When downvotes reach 0 the option/variant is removed from the list (FATALITY!).
  • Finally, if an entry has one vote left, then you have to make the choice to use all of your downvotes to eliminate it; there is no vote splitting. In addition, you can't upvote and downvote the same entry (no "see" votes). And you have to use BOTH YOUR UPVOTE AND DOWNVOTE if you vote.

The Most Important Bits
Three important points that you must read before voting--
  1. This is a pure popularity contest, and is meant to be fun. You can cast your votes for whatever reason you want; spite, irrational love or hatred, favorites, revenge for downvoting The Raven Queen, strategic voting, and so on are all perfectly acceptable. You can comment for the reasons for your vote, or not - up to you! But this is for enjoyment only.
  2. This week features only the Finalists from the past ten Survivor: Deities threads.
  3. As always, the list is the list. If you have a complaint about the list, please direct it to /dev/null.
So. Onward to the contest!


Anubis, god of judgment and death (LN), Egyptian pantheon
Athena, goddess of wisdom and civilization (LG), Greek pantheon
Boccob, god of magic (N), Greyhawk pantheon
Lugh Lámfada, god of arts, travel, and commerce (CN), Celtic pantheon
Odin, god of knowledge and war (NG), Norse pantheon
Olladra, goddess of good fortune (NG), Eberron pantheon
Sehanine, goddess of the moon (CG), Dawn War pantheon
Selune, goddess of the moon (CG), Forgotten Realms pantheon
Takhisis, goddess of night and hatred (LE), Dragonlance pantheon
Yondalla, halfling goddess of fertility and protection (LG), non-human pantheon

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Corrected for Post #7. Up-Votes are only +1, not +2

Anubis 52
Athena 51
Boccob 50
Lugh Lámfada 50
Odin 51
Olladra 50
Sehanine 46
Selune 51
Takhisis 43
Yondalla 50


Pedantic Grognard
Anubis 52
Athena 51
Boccob 51
Lugh Lámfada 50
Odin 51
Olladra 50
Sehanine 44
Selune 51
Takhisis 43
Yondalla 50

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