Dragonlance 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 3: Dragonlance) Takhisis Advances!


Morkus from Orkus
Another moon bites the dust, Morgion turns to dust, and the neutrals are leaving the competition in the dust with all 7 starters on the field still. Now, ask yourself, do you want this old codger championing your cause, aka Fizban aka Gandalf aka Elminster aka every cliche old wizard...
Except he's literally not every cliche old wizard. Gandalf = old and wise cliche. Merlin = old and wise cliche. Elminster = old and wise cliche. Mordenkainen = old and wise cliche. Fizban = befuddled goof.

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Limit Break Dancing
Updated maths, thanks to some cross-posts:

Paladine 27
Majere 17
Mishakal 24
Gilean 23
Chislev 12
Reorx 11
Shinare 14
Sirrion 20
Zivilyn 18
Lunitari 18
Takhisis 23

@Muso I got your upvote for Reorx, but you downvoted a dragon that had already been eliminated (Morgion). Which other dragon should I move your downvote to?

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