D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 3: Dragonlance) Takhisis Advances!

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Anyone who kills Gilean before Mishakal will be on my shiz list forever!

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Anyone who kills Gilean before Mishakal will be on my shiz list forever!
Paladine 5
Mishakal 4
Gilean 1 -2 err, no. We don't need to kill Gilean. We've done far worse than kill Gilean. We've hurt him. And we wish to go on... hurting him. We shall leave Gilean mortally wounded for all eternity.

Or at least until Mishakal is dead. Or until the baby unicorn gets him. Whichever.

In the meantime:

Paladine 5 -2 = 3
Mishakal 4
Gilean 1
Takhisis 6 +1 = 7

Legatus Legionis

< BWAH HA Ha ha >
I meant to ask, more literally:

What product first included this illustration?

(I think I first saw that illustration on a divider sheet in a Monstrous Compendium set, but until this thread I did not realize that was supposed to be Takhisis.)
Well, in the 1E DragonLance Adventures, 1987, page 108, we have this:
The Queen of Darkness
The Dark Queen can take any form - male, female, or dragon - depending on her needs. She can appear as the Dark Tempress, the most beautiful, desirable woman a man has ever seen in his life.

As for when the Card, is it from the AD&D Trading Cards 1991 set.

It was taken from his painting "The Dark Queen" 1987, as was included in the 1988 TSR Dragonlance Calendar Interior.


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