D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 4: Eberron) Olladra Advances!


Arawai (Fertility) 5
Aureon (Magic) 5 + 1 = 6
Olladra (Luck) 5
The Traveler (Chaos) 4 - 2 = 2
The Path of Light (Enlightenment) 5

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Pedantic Grognard
So it looks like Aureon might be the one advancing to the final round?
But Azuth was already eliminated in the Forgotten Realms vote.

(LN, god of mortals using magic, male, quarterstaff as favored weapon, was separated from an evil entity that's now a god, name starts with an A . . .)

Aureon (Magic) 3
Olladra (Luck) 5 -2 = 3
The Path of Light (Enlightenment) 3 +1 = 4

Striking allies is heart breaking. But the world needs light more than luck. Work for your souls and do not rely on fate alone.

Liane the Wayfarer

Frumious Flumph
Man, my Eberron players are going to be upset when I tell them their characters can only worship Aureon or Olladra from now on.

I may not understand how these threads work. Is there someplace I report people whose characters still worship gods that have been voted off?

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