D&D 5E 5e Updates: Monstrous Compendium


I think this is a good version of the mechanic, might even be too strong (you have to chew through 468 hitpoints effectively since its all half damage....and with a 27 AC)
True, but it all works per the CR calculator! :LOL:

Now, maybe the AC increase / decrease is overkill and it should just be half damage?
One side note, you have heat metal under your spellcasting action (which is normally a bonus action). Is the intention that its an action when they use that mechanic? If yes its confusing, if no..... its breaks your action economy a bit as there is no reason for a dragon not to use it every round to boost up their damage.
I copy and past a lot when I do these quick drafts. The spell list is a holdover from that process.

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