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D&D 5E 5e Updates: Monstrous Compendium

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Why would it ever use bite instead of multiattack? It's not listed as an elite action either. Maybe the aboleth should be able to use it as a bonus action on a grappled or incapacitated creature?
It is corrected now. I remember why I forget to add the bonus action trait: I had decided I wanted to do something beside the bonus action, but got distracted before I determined what exactly. Anyway, I modified the multiattack, tentacle, and bite actions to make it a viable option.


@dave2008 do you plan on doing a pdf compilation as the epic monster thread?
There is already one available in the resources section (used to be called "Downloads." You can find it here: 5e Epic Update PDF

Now, if you are talking about the Mythic Updates in this thread, then yes eventually. However, I am planning to wait until I get quite a few more made.

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