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7 One Page Adventures

I have now made 7 of my One Page Adventures. I try to vary the style a bit, so they're not all dungeon crawls, or not all event-driven. Each is an entire adventure contained on a single page. It's quite the exercise in economical writing! Most are based on longer adventures which appeared in EN5ider, and you can get them for free.


So far, we have:

  • The Mystery of Mordecai's Monster. There's a monster running loose, the uncontrolled creation of a mad wizard who likes to sew creature parts together. Can the PCs track down the abomination and stop it? A new one-page adventure inspired by the EN5ider adventure by Dan Head!
  • Winterheart. A nobles' daughter has been kidnapped by a cruel elven warlord. Her latent ice magic is causing a great winter to fall across the land, field by her despair. Can the PCs rescue CHRYSSA from SANGELLION KEEP? An adventure all on one page, inspired by the original EN5ider adventure by Esper.
  • The Ills of Hengistbury. This one is slightly different in scope, and so requires a bit more work from the DM. It's a sandbox environment, with nine small quests to be undertaken (thought he first is less a task, and more something interesting to witness). The DM will need to fill in the fine details, but there should be enough information that you can do this on the fly; this one will definitely test your improvisational skills! There's a range of enemies from a poltergeist to a troll to lizard folk to a manticore.
  • The Haunting of Calrow Ruins. A straightforward site-based adventure features ghouls, skeletons, wraiths, and more... can the PCs clear CALROW RUINS and end the haunting? Or will they join the ghouls wandering the castle grounds?
  • Dia De Los Dinosaurios Muertos. NEW AZTLAN’S annual celebration. A civilization of long-dead dinosaurs led by the dinosaur mummy lord MIQUIZTLICOATL plots to reclaim their lost lands from the ruins beneath the city. You'll fight velociraptor mummies riding ankylosaurus skeletons! You'll meet a zombie t-rex! Have dinner with a hall of undead dinosaur nobles!
  • Croaking Sirocco. A magically warped land and a tribe of infighting bullywugs. Three bullywug leaders want to rule the tribe alone. Their feud has devastated the land and threatens the frontier town of DEEPWELL via their entrapment of a trio of earth, air, and fire elementals in potent totems.
  • The Business of Emotion. LANIDOR, a village. All the villagers are falling in love. TWO-LIPS, a gnomish flower farmer, is causing a “love plague”. His business was failing, so he made a deal with HERMIA, a witch, to drum up more “emotion” to bolster his lackluster sales.
As I mentioned, you can grab these for free over on my Patreon. HOWEVER, if you do like them, and want to support my making more of them, please do become a Patron, even if it's just for a dollar a month.
Russ Morrissey