D&D 5E A Compilation of all the Race Changes in Monsters of the Multiverse

Over on Reddit, user KingJackel went through the video leak which came out a few days ago and manually compiled a list of all the changes to races in the book. The changes are quite extensive, with only the fairy and harengon remaining unchanged. The book contains 33 races in total, compiled and updated from previous Dungeons & Dragons books.



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I do like the PB per day. Gets away from some of the issues that arise from short rests. Make a short rest say ten minutes and all it does allow hit dice use. Lots games give you hp back after a post combat cup of tea
The times they have a changed.

Once upon a time, you'd get buried in flames for suggesting that you could get HP back without magic after such a short time. Now, it's a casual suggest that I think will probably be the way things go. :p


Besides what we already knew from the UAs, there are a number of implied core changes for the 2024 edition in here.
  • Will movement speeds more broadly be standardized? I assume the monsters in this book will tell us.
  • Magic resistance being strictly limited to spells raises the question of what exactly those non-spell spells are, now, if not magical.
  • It's kind of weird to have some subraces folded into a single race, yet still have multiple races that are treated as the same race in terms of game mechanics and even shared traits. I wonder which core subraces will get to stick around in 2024 edition. (Drow is an easy guess, but I'm skeptical of any others. Though it'd be funny if they kept every elf.)
  • I suspect racial feats will be gone, based on the Deep Gnome getting those features integrated.
  • Replacing those genasi spells is interesting, considering they're part of the same boxed set (in Xanathar's). Guess they don't plan to add any post-PHB spells to the 2024 core rules at this point, or at least not those.
  • @King Babar: Orcs are totally going to be in the 2024 PHB, in the same role as the half-orc. The related question is, will the half-orc be erased, or preserved in some other sense?

Other comments:
  • Have they ever retconned the lore for a core monster mid-edition as much as they just did for the goblinoids and kobold? Usually that sort of thing is either setting-specific, or held off until we get new core rules.
  • I probably would have put the aasimar's subrace choice at level 2, just because most classes also ask you to make a subclass choice at level 3.
  • Funny they found a way to technically keep skill proficiencies in a number of races. Guess it was too tough to come up with a replacement feature for those races.
  • That they made almost no changes from the UAs makes me wonder how much they're actually listening to feedback on those at this point.

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@King Babar: Orcs are totally going to be in the 2024 PHB, in the same role as the half-orc. The related question is, will the half-orc be erased, or preserved in some other sense?
I could imagine giving humans an ancestry option, so at 1st or 3rd level you could choose human, elvish, or orcish, each one giving a distinct feature.

Really, anything to make humans mechanically interesting would be welcome. +1 to all stats? 😴


5ever, or until 2024
Well this...huge sneak peaks...is what ENWorld is all about...still don't know what to think of it.

Other then the erasure of short-rest abilities continues.

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