A couple of questions on 4E Immortal design

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Hiya mate! :)

Yqatuba said:
Is a boss twice as good a solo or what?

A Boss is worth the same EXP as a Solo. Its basically an attempt to make Solo monsters more interesting.

A Superboss is worth more than a Solo. Its rules for monsters of Godzilla size or bigger.

Hello there! :)

Yqatuba said:
What level and type would creatures like Time Lords be?

The current build (which may or may not be tweaked before final release) would allow for Time Lords as low as Level 44 Superbosses.

I'm toying with an early Tetragrammaton mock-up which is a Level 47 Superboss. However, I may chop and change a few things with regards the relationship between Time Lords and High Lords - splitting them into different tiers.




Hello there! :)

Yqatuba said:
What does Tetragrammaton look like/do?

The closest I can equate him to is Marvel Comic's Living Tribunal. Although he's a bit more multi-dimensional in my eyes.

Also I thought the tier above Supernal was Ultral?

I may have Ultral above Empyreal, though I never really liked the name Ultral to be honest.

My Cosmic hierarchy is being tewaked a bit for 4E, as is the Dragon hierarchy.

Yqatuba said:
And how big is the Tetragrammaton (think you said in some post time lords will be as big as solar systems!)

True. Looking at the table, Level 47 translates to a maximum of Star sized.

However, I may move High Lords out of the Eternal tier and into the Supernal tier whch would mean they could indeed be bigger.

I should point out that (and I'm sure it will fall on deaf ears*) I don't suggest overuse of the superboss concept. The stat-blocks are hypothetically ginormous. Tetragrammaton alone is probably going to be 4 pages himself. Its virtually like a mini-adventure for the bigger superbosses.

* :p

So my suggestion is to only use superbosses once every 2-3 levels of play.

If solo monsters are the 'chapter' bosses, then superbosses are the 'Act' bosses.


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