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My campaign setting, and various threats, monsters, horrors, and other assorted features within.

So, I've been working on a campaign setting for Upper_Krust's new 5e books, and I feel like the time is ripe for it to be released for everyone to see it!

I like to think it's a bit unique in how it's run, because a core principle of the main setting is that you can run any type of game whatsoever in it, with any Dungeons and Dragons edition or level range, or even books like Nobilis and Exalted as well!

The overarching universe is somewhat similar to the default 3.5 Kosmos, with each universe being formed from a Demiurge, and being one of the myriad points of dark light within the expanse of the Pleroma, along with the same tiers of deific beings being in place as well, though there is a lot of new content added, in the form of both fully original concepts and ideas, along with adapted bits and pieces of other media scaled up for truly epic content, such as the Touhou Project and Undertale/Deltarune.

Universe Overview

The brilliant light emanating from the crystalline spires and minarets making up the world around Talon and Ixid was the only thing that the two formerly-mortal adventurers could see, as their newly-divine senses began to slowly adjust to the radiant citadel that they stood in. A silver dragon's face emerged in front of them, slowly chanting in the lost tongues of ancient draconic empires long forgotten to time. Looking up at the radiant, star-filled sky, information and knowledge rushed into the awed duo, where each twinkling world had its entire history detailed out, revealing the rise and fall of a myriad myriad empires. The silver dragon's face stopped chanting, and posed a simple question to the ranger and the paladin, "Are you ready to transcend your mortal destinies, and rise beyond the stars?"

Each universe within the greater Pleroma has an effectively infinite amount of worlds within, the overwhelming majority being earthlike and able to support advanced life. In each universe, there are almost always constants to the creatures within, where mortals such as elves, dwarves, humans, orcs, and halflings will appear almost without fail, perhaps due to some form of cosmic constant passed down through the Akasha. Furthermore, outside of the great tapestry of stars that makes up the cosmos within each Demiurge, smaller planar realms will form where the waves of magic overflow, and planes both elemental and moral will form. (Out of Universe, this is to allow different campaign settings to take place in the same bubble of reality. For example, one setting may have a radioactive, mutant-filled Plane of Earth, while another Plane of Earth may have eternal earthquakes and is hunted by demonic riders atop titanic blood-red sandworms.) Furthermore, layering over the physical level of the Demiurge, there is also the blank mind and consciousness of the Demiurge, or the Astral Sea, and the soul of the Demiurge, where all psionic and Qi powers ultimately originate from. When a Demiurge is first formed from the bubbling of the Pleroma, the first things in the world within will always be the great Sidereals, forming the concepts of the world, and shaping the mind of the newborn Demiurge, before Gods and Immortals form from the aspects that the Sidereals create, and then craft Outsiders from the waves of magic, manifesting the laws and morals that Mortals follow, and cultivating either the seven virtues or the seven vices of the SOUL, depending on the polarity of the magic involved. Immortals and particularly powerful outsiders will create their divine realms in the pockets and bubbles in the oceans of magic, creating and influencing the mortals, raising some to godhood to become either disciples and hero-gods, or turning them into mortal-outsider hybrids known as the Exalted. Based on the attitudes and elemental natures of the creatures within it's body, eventually, after millions of years, the demiurge that the world was formed from will awaken, and set off within the pleroma to explore, and perhaps ascend to become one of the time/high lords constantly seeking the throne of the Supernal.

Outside of the infinite Demiurges, in the greater Pleroma, ruins of past civilizations and realms created and lived by High Lords litter the blank white expanses, creating a bloody, brutal, constant realm of terror, where the only rule is power, and the only goal that the High Lords truly desire is to reassemble the broken throne of the Supernal, and to break through the aeternal blockade of the Kuvatchim, and become truly supreme. Though, this is not the natural state of affairs in the Pleroma, and if a group of true heroes don't put an end to it soon, there may be intervention from the ever hungry Omega-Constructs waiting ever patiently outside of reality's edge...

I will have some of the default worlds/places for various adventures to happen written sometime this week, and perhaps some magic items/other wonderful bits and baubles as well!

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IMMORTALITY: The Many Ways to Ascend

For most mortals, the gods are supposedly all-knowing, all-powerful entities that take it upon themselves to guide and shape mortals to expand their own influences, but for mortals with great destiny and knowledge of the worlds beyond, transcending the limits of the mortal form is far simpler than it may appear...

The simplest way to achieve godhood/immortality is simply to reach the pinnacle of the human form, or level 20, and then either do a deed so great that a wisp of quintessence moves into you, and grants you the powers of a hero-deity, or be blessed by a god, and turned into one of it's followers or exarchs. It is also possible, if not extremely difficult, to slay a minor deity or demigod as a mortal, and steal their quintessence and take it as your own.

There are several other more esoteric ways to gain Immortality, but most of those ways are either extremely difficult to use, are extremely situational on how the immortality works, or incredibly depraved. For example, a non-classed mortal who embodies one of the virtues or vices of the mortal SOUL to a point where they are a paragon of that aspect will gain a form of Immortality allowing them to rewind to a point in time before their death.

Immortals that have achieved full godhood (Minor Deity or above) can grant mortals divine power to Exalt them into semi-divine warriors with supernatural skill, rather than granting them quintessence in the traditional sense. Exalts, or The Exalted come in many different forms, from the default, CR 12 Terrestrial Exalts, to the greatest Demiurges being able to create their own personal court of Sidereal Exalts. Each Deity can only have 777 Exalts at once, no matter their Divine Rank.

Furthermore, a Sidereal that has achieved total dominance of the internal universe of a Demiurge has the ability to sever its connection to the Demiurge, and undergo an Ascension Tribulation, where it is forced to go through a series of trials tailored to it's personality and history, either disintegrating into dust if it fails, or becoming a new, fully-formed Demiurge if it succeeds. Similar Tribulations are also involved when a Immortal breaks through to a new bracket of power, like an Overgod ascending to Sidereal status. Each of these Tribulations is a reflection of the trials any being must face to earn the right to challenge the Supernal, or to ascend to its throne. Of course, with the lack of any coherent powers and empires in the Pleroma, and the Ram-Headed Throne sitting empty, no-one has obtained the courage to break through the Kuvatchim for as long as any but the oldest and wisest sages can remember.

There are other ways to ascend to Supernal-esque levels of power without taking the trials of the Lipika, where entities such as the Nightmare Spider take advantages of paradoxes of reality to obtain powers of fate, change, and manipulation of the abandoned libraries of the Akasha, or taking on the Red Crown of the Pariah, and ascending to become the lord of the Omega.

Undertale and the concept of SOULS are owned by Toby Fox, and the Ram-Headed Throne is Beefermatic's concept.

Hey all! I apologize for not updating this very often, but since I've been making a lot of changes and edits to how my setting works, so I'll likely rewrite the whole article once the 5e books release. However, if any of you guys are interested in asking any questions about my world, feel free to send me a message!


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