Qwex'Atal'Xiel'Sura, and other possible monsters/bits of fiction for the Immortal's Handbook (Just a concept, no stats yet.)


Guarding this lonely, desolate outcropping in a sea of all-consuming darkness has taken it's toll on you.
Of course, running away would break your promise, and that would just be not right.
There hasn't been a SOUL here in years...
But why does it feel like someone's still watching...?
You feel yourself becoming darker, darker, yet darker.
A momentous, truly momentous occasion is upon you.
You look within your pocket, digging through the detritus that was once your world.
Deep within, you see a light still shining within the cold.
You take the light into your palm, and it melts away, blinding your deprived eyes.
The light grasps the thorns within you.
You feel... free?
The experiment begins.
Smells like contradiction.
It feels like the bottom of the ocean.
You felt something on your back, but nothing was there.
The air crackles with possibility.
His hypothesis has been confirmed.
You try to turn away, but you’re only faced with another Him.
The flimsy wires bend and snap.
The static is deafening.
Something feels very, very familiar.
You can’t go back.
This experiment is almost over.

The Twisted Sword is a weapon unparalleled by any other, whether mortal, divine, or cosmic. Unlike any other blade, it does not attack it's target's soul, body, or mind. Instead, it strikes at the puppet-strings of Fate, severing whoever it touches from the whims of any other. Forged from a fundamental impossibility within the heart of the Omniverse, when the very concepts of freedom and control merge, no matter what or how they fuse, a Twisted Sword is formed. Appearing as a silver hilt attached to a constantly shifting, spiraling, spinning edge, the Twisted Sword cannot ever deal more than one point of damage to any creature. Despite it's weakness, whoever or whatever it draws blood from is taken from the chains of fate, and set on their own path, whether for good or evil. Furthermore, the Twisted Sword ignores all defensive abilities from mortal shields to even a Supreme Being's greatest attempts to escape it's bite. Only one Twisted Sword can be in existence in the Omniverse at any time, and if one is created while one is still existent, the oldest one melts away into a puddle of darkness, forever lost.

The second half of the fiction included is taken from hedgewood4571's comment on the DARKEST DESIRE Deltarune fan video. The Twisted Sword is created by Toby Fox, and I do not own Deltarune.

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The Shadow Mantle is a greatcloak made of pure darkness, and it has an almost liquid feel, somewhat similar to liquid mercury. Legends say that it mysteriously appeared along with a strange, mysterious man, and it remains within his collection to this day. Despite the mantle's pure darkness, it radiates a soft, comforting warm light, that acts as a mystical shield against darkness and shadowed artifacts. It grants +10 to its holder's touch AC and immunity to attacks from creatures with the shadow subtype, but it's true powers are far more esoteric. The mantle is not sapient, but it will implant thoughts into its holder's mind and dreams, slowly, inexorably moving them towards the nearest Shadow Crystal. When the Shadow Mantle touches any shadowed item, such as a Knife of Shadowed Will or a Shadow Crystal, it instantly absorbs the object into itself, and a small, eye-like growth of silver light appears on the mantle's fabric. After a year and a day, the eye-like growth falls off, turning itself into a radiant silver crystal, that has no apparent use or mystical properties if scanned with detect magic or other similar abilities. This radiant crystal however, when held, allows the wielder to look into the future, and see the true, dark truth within the world, and just possibly, a way to break free from their chains...?

Sorry if this seems a bit badly written, I got this paragraph done super-fast while packing for a week-trip! I'll have further stats for the Pure/Radiant Crystal and the entities holding the strings soon! Pure Crystals, spr.mysteryman, and the Shadow Mantle are properties of Toby Fox.

I might write some of the fiction for this in another post soon :)

Hope y'all are doing great! -Arcane
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It's been a long, long day for you. Warped into a land that follows strange customs, haunted by illusions of unblinking, staring eyes, and having to live off the land in spite of your mystical powers, you only wish to go home. At least you've found some sort of shelter, even if it's just some random hobo's house in the middle of this infernal forest. As you lay down on the bed, suddenly a sonic boom sounds from outside, and you hear a voice shout out "Hey stranger, what in the Yama's name are ya doing in my house!"

The Mini-Hakkero is a Greater Artifact that is quite popular among Evokers and other destruction-focused wizards and mages. Roughly the size of a human fist, and shaped octagonally, it packs quite the punch for such a small item.

Rushing outside and rubbing your eyes, you see a blonde, 20-something woman wearing traditional mage robes standing atop a broom, her eyes crackling with golden lightning. She's pointing a yin-yang inscribed object at you, and judging from the pulses of raw evocation magic that it's thrumming with, it probably packs quite a punch.

The Mini-Hakkero's damage output is entirely based on the user's magical strength. On turns where the user of the Mini-Hakkero attacks, the user can expend spell slots, converting them into beams and bursts of energy dealing damage equal to the total level of all spell slots expended by the user times 10. For example, if a 25th level Wizard were to use 4 9th level spell slots and 10 1st level slots, she would deal a total of 460 damage as a ranged touch attack. Epic level wielders of the Mini-Hakkero can also attempt to make an attack using Epic Spellcasting, where the result times 10 of the Spellcraft check they made would be the amount of damage they would deal to targets in a cone/beam.

As the mysterious witch charges up her attack, you are blinded by the light emanating from it, and as you are vaporized by the beam of prismatic energy, you can only smile at the sheer absurdity of your fate, destroyed by a wide-angle beam of pure magic, despite being a demigod of magic yourself. How ironic.

The user of the Mini-Hakkero can fire the blast as a 5 ft by 100 ft bolt, a 15 ft by 50 by beam, or a 50 foot cone. All targets in the blast radius are hit on their Touch AC.

The Mini-Hakkero and Marisa are created by ZUN
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