More Words of Chaos?


Two new ideas I had:

Schyyr: The word of stars. It allows the user to control them at their whim. It once had seals placed upon it for fear of its great power, but when the Leviathan Alpha attacked the concept of "stars" and consumed the Herald Stars, the seals broke, and weakened by the loss as the word is the Supreme Being has not seen fit to replace them.

Lorr Akk Vrern: The word of affliction. Allows the user to infect a target with any sort of malady, such as parasites, illnesses, or bodily breakdowns, ignoring any and all resistance or immunity to them. Akk Vrern are seals that restrict it to summoning existing inflictions, rather than conjuring them from nothing. (So whenever it's used to infect someone, somewhere else, someone loses the condition. Typically the closest instance of the desired illness is what is taken, but the user may choose a specific case they are aware of if they so wish.) This is not limited to just mortal inflictions, but also to the cosmic maladies which plague beings of multiversal power.
I don't understand what Schyyr actually does.

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Also here's one more I thought of:

Phlaen Sybb Korr: The Word of protection or shielding. Gives the subject a+∞ shield bonus to armor class, makes them immune to the Xapp chaos word (which is the ONLY way to defend against it). Sybb Korr are seals limiting the user to bestowing it on one subject at a time. If they use it on someone else, whoever previously had it loses the protection.


I don't understand what Schyyr actually does.
It controls stars. Throw them around, change their shape, make them bigger or smaller, hotter or colder, whatever. The major limits it has are the physical limitations of the stars themselves (Man, where else is that a sentence you would hear?), since at the point you would GET a Word of Chaos you can probably sneeze and blow up a universe.

The description is just a detail from my setting I decided to throw in for fun. In my setting there used to be "Herald Stars" that caused phenomena. (For example, if the star of fire rises everything is now on fire. Pray to the gods you'll never see the star of death.) This made it a lot stronger, since they could summon these stars to cataclysmic effect, and by manipulating several in conjunction even more complex and powerful effects could be created. Eventually these stars were consumed by Novatarr, the strongest leviathan. (Leviathans are powerful monsters that lived in the chaos before creation) Because Novatarr erases what they eat from existence, there now never were herald stars, making Schyrr significantly less important.

Anyway, I'm rambling, sorry.


Made a few new Words of Chaos with the help of ChatGPT, here are the ones I thought were pretty good:

Aurysynth: The Word of harmony. When spoken it returns a place to its ideal state, undoing destruction done and resurrecting the dead, even those who were erased from existence or had their souls destroyed. Only another Word of Chaos can prevent this. This power can be used on practically any scale, allowing a user to bring back even entire universes destroyed in the battles of Time Lords and similarly powerful beings.

Xyralith: The Word of echoes. Causes past actions and events to repeat. This can be used to cause an event that has already happened to reoccur, to cause someone to repeat an action taken, or to crowd the space with temporal echoes of previous actions, which happen exactly as they did before unless interfered with, which may or may not retroactively alter the present, depending on whether your DM has a lot of patience and some military grade aspirin.

Voxryn: The Word of amplification. Can be used to "amplify" traits. I'm not sure how exactly to represent this in stat terms, but I guess a good starting point would be doubling anything (size, damage, heat, etc.) You can amplify things further, doubling it again and again.

Xylix: The Word of momentum. Allows the user to multiply their speed (even if they have superluminal speed. Even if they have space folding. Go faster than infinity!) and to instantly dodge anything that doesn't have an infinite area of effect and doesn't instantly teleport to their location to hit them. If they have space folding the latter is waived, too.

Rakyls Lis Kry: The Word of reflections. Allows the user to instantly duplicate practically anything. Lis Kry are seals placed on it to prevent it from duplicating beings stronger than the user and, though they'll probably fall into the first category anyway, beings like (to borrow and slightly bastardize Beef's cosmology) Thychen, Muhlatimic or Eschatolic dragons, and the various Aspects, because Thychen doesn't want copies of himself running around.

Vortheon: The Word of impact. Allows the user to instantly break any object. "Object" is loosely defined here, and includes, say, the fabric of spacetime. Likely held in reserve by some secret mega-angel who serves Thychen in case he needs a bunch of stuff destroyed and doesn't want to do it himself. EDIT: Or Gon, because they're the aspect of breakage. If you want to use it as an attack and feel it shouldn't instantly destroy creatures, have it deal something like 1000d1000, break any shield (except maybe Phlaen Sybb Korr) and bypass infinite health.

Hrafin: The Word of flux. Allows the user to redirect anything and everything. You decide who any attack targets. Can even apply to really abstract stuff like fate. A likely weakness is being unable to give or take momentum, just change where it goes.

Lyr'Vynox: The Word of connections. Allows the user to sense anything and everything a target is connected to (in any sense, and you can tell in what way,) as well as alter those connections. To give an example, they could connect the consistency of a boulder to water to make it a runny liquid. Another example would be severing the connection between two friends to make them not know each other. Could probably also be used to create a connection between someone and an object and hurt them by attacking the object.

Echranth: The Word of perception. Allows the user to see through any deception or illusion, to see anywhere in the multiverse, and to see the answers to mysteries or questions. Essentially, they see everything, but not all at once and they have to activate it.

Zyvex: The Word of disruption. Allows the user to disrupt anything. It can prevent attacks from landing, stop techniques from being used, prevent a task's completion, and even prevent things like a law being passed. Essentially, you interrupt any action or event to stop it from being completed, even if it doesn't make sense like making an object not hit the ground after falling.

Xyrven: The Word of illusions. Pretty much what you expect really, creates flawless illusions that can fool any sense. Not much else to say.

Vexis: The Word of strife. Causes targets to view each other as enemies and to become incapable of compromise or working together, no matter how close a bond they have. They will not question this or view it as odd, even though they will be able to remember being close.

Exthorv: The Word of chaos. Causes anyone and anything targeted to transform randomly into something else every turn. The user may have some control over the transformation, but they also may not. Can affect pretty much anything, even turning entire universes into chaotic randomness.

Zyrgathos: The Word of resonance. This one is sort of odd. It can control "resonance," and can do things like making the user resonate with an attack or effect to be unaffected by it, transform things into things they are defendably similar to (like an energy vortex into a soft breeze,) make enemies more vulnerable to specific things, and do some good old blowing stuff up. As a direct attack I'd say it can either do straight damage (probably, like, a million. I'm gonna be honest I don't know how much is appropriate) or do a percentage of their hp (90-ish%?) I'm not really sure about this one, but I think with a good idea of what it's capable of it'd be pretty cool.
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Here's one I thought of

Eeugh Yot Tiv: The word of fear, disgust, and repulsion in general. It can make people die of fright with no saving throw, or make them permanently panicked, although the Wuji dragon's Cleansing Breath Of Light can fix this, as can the Word Zheluure spoken with the intent of curing it. It can also make it impossible for anyone to move closer to the user if they are in their divine aura, although Vortheon can overcome this. Yot Tiv are seals restricting the Word to affecting only one person at once, and only one of the listed effects at once.


Jyguon: The Word of distance. It can manipulate the distances between things. This need not be consistent or logical, so you can have a 10 ft^2 room where one wall is a million miles away or, in a fight, have one combatant be an infinite distance away from someone while their opponent is 2 inches away from them (If anyone has read Jujutsu Kaisen think Gojo's Limitless, but you can also shorten distances and affect other areas)

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