A Fair Warning

Fowai Uss

First Post
Fowai wanders near the boards, whistling an upbeat tune. As he spies the various notes, he falls silent.

"How very interesting..."

Fowai resumes whistling as he wanders away.

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First Post
Silent footsteps made their way towards the boards, and a figure hidden entirely by a cloak of the darkest black skimmed through the messages with a pair of dulled golden eyes. As it finished the careful, even somewhat cautious reading the body beneath the cloak seemed to straighten up. As it did the material pressed up against the body beneath the cloak enough that the male’s figure was revealed.

Brushing a few strands of silver from his eyes, the young man turned away and hung his head lightly as though contemplating everything he'd just read. Stuck inside his thoughts for what seemed to be only seconds, he lifted his head back up, and began his short trek from his prior position of reading…musing to himself as hushed murmurs escaped his lips.
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