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A few battlemap previews


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As mentioned earlier in the thread, OnlineDM and I will be resizing some of the maps for use in MapTool.

I'm using a map from Mad Mapper for the confrontation with Dalton & Co, but I've resized the Coaltongue map (attached) to be approximately 22 pixels per square. It's not quite 22, but it's close enough that you can't really tell unless you turn Maptool's gridlines on and look closely.

[MENTION=8701]d20Monkey[/MENTION] had suggested on another site that he'd provide the scale information for the battlemaps, but to date hasn't been forthcoming. I have duly played the indignant fan and given him a prod.


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Morrus, to snip the conversation that follows, these images you included here are great! But, will we have to come look on the forums to find them in the future, or can you make them available as a separate download in jpg format? I haven't fully embraced the VT yet, but I do print them out on a plotter and use them as my battle mat for my group and a bit of fuzziness is fine for my needs.
Not running it yet, but it's a great setting and a good read. Looking for more!
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I realize that it's an old thread, but that 3D map is awesome. Will really be nice to show it to my players when they tackle the lighthouse on thursday!

We need a page with links to all the maps

This is actually a little crazy, but does anyone know where I can find the high-res map of the Coaltongue?

Would people like a page with all the maps? What about illustrations?

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