A Free One-Page RPG Where You're A Bear!

Grant Hewitt, who runs a Patreon here, has posted an awesome one-page RPG called Honey Heist. You play a criminal bear, and you have two stats: CRIMINAL and BEAR. Hewitt describes it as "A roleplaying game in which you are a bear with a plan, but unfortunately you are also a goddamn bear, so let's see how that goes." He posts a one-page RPG each month, and co-wote the most recent edition of the Paranoia RPG. Check out the free RPG (below) and then, maybe, check out his Patreon.


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Ah, yes, the joys of mixing whiskey and Yogi Bear Reruns during a game design session... ;)

Seriously, though, this would make a really fun one-shot or con game.


Staff member
I hope for an expanded hat table in Honey Heist 1.5Ed (aka Advanced HH): baseball caps, balaclavas, papakhas, yarmulkes...maybe even one of d02.

I also wonder how Miss University 2017 will feel about HH...


I appreciate that it doesn't tell you to ignore another result of 8.

So the person who unexpectedly rolls a string of 8's just goes through the whole game, wearing a different hat in every single scene - either he's the face, or a hipster bear. Love it.

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