D&D General A Hunger Games/DAD Cross-Over Idea in which Snows not evil or even all bad, he's simple doing very evil things for very good reasons


I've had A Hunger Games/DAD Cross-Over Idea in which Snows not evil or even all bad, he's simple doing very evil things for very good reasons. What do you think?

Basically The Capitol gets changed to The Central Lands, The 13 districts, by which I mean that unlike in the books 1 of the 13 Districts wasn't wiped out, become The 13 Outer Lands and every 10th year 4 male and 4 female 19 year old's from each Outer Land gets put into for The Death Fights/Hunger Games, but as A PR Stunt The People of The Central Lands get to choose 2 Males and 2 Females that won't be among the 99 that die

Luckily its not as bad as it is in The Hunger Games, but that's actually very easy. For example future contestants don't get chosen 2 to 3 weeks before and only get 2 to 3 weeks to train, rather they get chosen on the day of The Last Death Fight/Hunger Game, meaning they've got 10 years to train, what's more The Central Lands ask for and usually do get volunteers and their is 3 very good reasons why most contestants are volunteers

Reason 1 is because A Volunteers Families get a massive sum of Gold, or the equivalent, for example back in the 80's their was A Fantasy RPG and in it Silver Coins were used in the same way that Gold Coins are in DAD, if their 19 year old volunteers but they get nothing if their 19 year old gets forced to take part

Reason 2 is that volunteers will spend 10 years being treated like as if they were moderately senior nobles that were respected and wealthy but those that are forced only get treated as if they were Minor Nobility that were both very respected and fairly wealthy

Reason 3 is that the winners family moves to The Central Lands, not just(?) The Winners Village, and unlike in The Hungers Games when A Winner that volunteered dies his or her family doesn't get sent back to The Outer Lands/The Districts, but if the winner was forced then his or her home isn't as big, isn't as nice and its furnishing aren't as extensive, expensive or nice as the 1's in A home that A Winner that Volunteered would get and when he or she dies his or her family does get sent back to The Outer Lands/The District

Now here's how Snow and his ancestors, because he's not the ruling president, rather he's the countries reigning king, aren't evil or even all bad, their simply doing very evil things for very good reasons and theirs a massive secret behind it. Basically the secret is that 400 years ago the most powerful Deamon that ever existed was sealed away beneath the royal palace, if the seal breaks the things gets out and 100's of millions die

So The King/Snows Ancestor that at the time was the queen made a decision, she's the 1 that started The Death Fights and her decision was that as regrettable as it is its better to arrange so that every 10th year 99 people die and their life force is used to maintain the seal, after all what do 99 deaths every 10th year matter when those deaths will prevent the deaths of 100's of millions

Basically The GM would arrange it so that Snows Family have always been the ultimate believers in things like the ends justify the means, the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few and for the greater good

Basically if anyone, meaning not just me, did this then they should make it so that Snows Family have always been the ultimate believers in things like the ends justify the means, the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few and for the greater good

I've just had a thought. What if Snows Family never have and never will know that The Death Fights could have been avoided?

The reason for this is that 400 years ago people were so loyal to The Royal Family/Snows Family that if The Royal Family/Snows Family had explained why they needed to cause the deaths of 99 19 year old's every 10th year then their would have been 10,000's of willing volunteers

After all the people of the country were once so loyal to The Royal Family/Snows Family that if they'd been told the real reason for the deaths of 99 19 year old's every 10th year then their would have been 10,000's of willing to volunteer, shame that that time ended 380 years ago

I can imagine that if the people had been told the truth then their response would be something the lines of all in all shameful, depressing saddening as it is 99 19 year old's dying every 10th year is worth it when their deaths will stop the deaths of 100's of millions, is truly the greatest and most noble sacrifice anyone ever has and ever will make
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Its A Cross Over of Hunger Games and DAD that takes the plot of The Hunger Games Books, modifies the back-ground, story, plot and main characters enough that it could be used in DAD, then add's several twists and modifications to the background, story, plot and main characters, then it adds in the sort of true main villain you'd only find in DAD then use's it in DAD

Sorry, I am used D&D, it is used in English languange for decades.

A "Hunger Games" in D&D could be totally possible in a dark-domain from Ravenloft settling.

Why young people? And let's remember the lineages who can live more time. Maybe a dwarf is volunteer to clean his honor after a taint, or after a life of sin he hopes the forgiveness in the afterlife. Or maybe they have to be 18y because the "contestants" are sent to a secret demiplane where they will be surviving for years, building and repairing a stonghold and fighting against hordes of shadow monsters. The last suvivors are rewared by recovering youth, and maybe erasuring the painful memories if they wanted.

In D&D you should be the number of survivors/winners to be higher, the complete group of PCs.

Are there ghosts and wraiths? These could help, or be a secondary menace.


Bad people don't stop being bad because the author made up a conceit to justify them. It just means the setting is super cynical to the point of an optical illusion making them appear not bad.


It's still pretty evil, regardless.

However, on that premise perhaps the demon was originally trapped by a paladin or other noble sacrifice of some great hero and his band of followers - let's say at least 13 (because 13 is a good, unlucky number). Before it was imprisoned, it laid a curse on the future lineages of its followers - one descendant of each of the followers would be marked by darkness and seek out a means to free the demon from its prison.

The paladin's/hero's lineage became the foundation of the monarchy that arose. After the first round of the marked appeared and nearly freed the demon before being stopped, there was the realization that the curse was real and needed to be addressed. However, enough time had passed that tracking down the lineage of the 13 proved troublesome - so the "games" were instituted.

The idea behind the games is to identify and isolate the marked and others with great potential and arm them with knowledge and skills in the hopes that the curse could be turned in on itself and perhaps a way to permanently defeat the demon could be found. A large part was the intent was to harbor and educate the marked so they wouldn't follow the twisted whispers of the demon and seek it out to free it. It worked for a while, but then at some point backfired spectacularly - one of the marked used its education and training and came within a hair's breadth of freeing the demon, slaying a batch of prominent heroes from the same "academy" who were close to unravelling a method to forever destroy the demon.

Thereafter, the academy and the games took a dark turn. The yearly tourney of the graduates was no longer a practice exercise where one could yield after first blood to stop the fight. Now, it was to the death - only one who declared themselves an enemy to the darkness would be allowed to survive. This ruthless lasted for some time, until an unseemly event occurred - one of the marked excelled, but spared their opponents, refusing to kill them. Seeing the wisdom in sparing the others, the monarchy absolved the defeated and let them live. Thereafter, one individual per "house" - 13 in all - each year were spared the fate of dying under the blade of the tourney's champion, and instead became vassals to the hero of the year for the remainder of their life. In return, the victor became responsible for the actions of their vassals. Over the years, this has had varying levels of success, but no close calls in freeing the demon. There seems to be plenty of quests for the heroes and their vassals to keep them busy, though those who look closely can see a pattern of growing evil across the land. Further complicating things, certain marked vassals have secretly collaborated and formed a cabal who seeks to free their demon master...

Under this, the monarchy can still be used. Enough time has passed that the origins of the blood games has mostly been lost and layered in a mist of ritual. Tradition keeps the games alive, there is much ceremony around the "pardon" of the 13 vassals and the blood games are tolerated as a neccessary evil - but with the hope that it will produce a hero worthy of the original paladin that entombed the demon. Most likely, there is a prophesy that the games will produce an inheritor to the original hero who will finish the job from long ago. The monarchs are, of course, aware of the prophesy and on the lookout for that hero. But, there have been false heroes - many who were marked acting falsely - in the past so they must be careful who they back to thwart the demon once and for all. Backing the wrong hero may instead release its evil from its entombment, a situation which no one wants.

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