A message to the Black Hand.

Ryu Shadowstep

First Post
A young looking albino elf wearing a heavy black coat enters the tavern with the look of death in his eyes. No one speaks to him while hes in the tavern. He walks up to the cork board and places a piece of parchment paper with writing on it. The message seems to be in some sort of code perhaps even a dead language ((Its written in a mixture of Dragonic and abyssal.)). For those who can read the message it says this:

To my fellow Dark Brothers and Sisters,

It has been so long since we last met. So I call upon all of the Speakers to meet with me. For I have spoken to the Dread Father himself and, he has told me things that the rest of the Black Hand should know. Meet me in the Cross Roads Tavern tonight so we can speak to each other.

~ Listener Tiberius Riddick
Once the message had been placed on the board the young albino elf leaves the tavern without saying a word to anyone.

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