A New "anti-D&D" Era

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Most of those are tiny. They don’t even come close to comparing to the likes of White Wolf, Chaosium, Games Workshop in the 90’s. One has raised $300 most are around $2k
That wasn't part of what you were asking. But how big do you think those companies were when they started? Big companies have and will continue to rise up out of crowdfunding. Heck, I backed both Kobold Press' (as Open Gaming) and Monte Cook's (as Malhavoc Press) first crowdfunded books, both of which predated actual crowdfunding sites, and those successes help build the companies they have today.
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I mean, no one in college went to a D&D game hoping to hook up, whereas that was definitely the best case scenario many Vampire players were hoping for.
Having played both Vampire games at the table and in the Camarilla, the percentage of people going to Vampire explicitly hoping to hook up was a small portion of population I’ve encountered

Finding non D&D TTRPGs is easy. Finding players for them is hard.
In some areas yea, in other areas no
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Can we set aside notions of D&D games as a hook up at this point? I'm not sure what the kids are doing these days, but that doesn't describe any D&D games I ever played in. :D

Finding non D&D TTRPGs is easy. Finding players for them is hard.
Not online. I've run 78 weekly sessions of Zweihander/Flames of freedom (two different campaigns, largely same rules set) and have had zero trouble finding committed players. Only one of my players had ever played either game before.

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