A note for someone specific.


First Post
This note seems to have a magic trigger on it that only allows who it addressed to to read it....

Red Rose,
I am not sure if you wanted to know or not, but I felt I should leave you a note in case. He's getting better, hasn't drank in three weeks now. I'm ot sure what finally stopped him, possibly his one brother's break down, or th denail of the other. But I'm not taking it for granted at this point. Three weeks is a good start for him. I will occasionally leave notes letting you know more, if you so desire. I would talk to you personally, but I have the feeling that your better off if I do not.


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Oriza finishes her tea and stands up from her seat on the couch. She almost hesitantly heads to the boards, looking for one note. She reads it carefully, a small sigh escaping her lips as she does so. With a wave of her hand, she produces a red rose which she tacks next to the note, almost to say that the note has been read. Demeanor clearly changing, she turns to head out now, off to continue with her work.

'Something I can tell the children at least.'

Opening the door, she vanishes in a burst of dark red light before even stepping foot outside.


First Post
This note, like the one above it, is enchanted to one person.

Red Rose,

This is left in Snowflower's place as the Flower and the VInes are...unavailable to do so. How are the seedlings doing? Stress in the garden sometimes leaks to the young before it is mantained. Do you require anything for them? If so, leave a note please. Will be checking frequently.

Sweet Freesia

Oriza appears in a burst of dark red light, peering about a moment before she makes her way to the message boards, idly reading up on the news as of late. One note catches her attention, perhaps due to its enchanted nature. Oriza peers at the note closer and reads now. She blinks some as she reads before fishing out a piece of parchment and a quill from her pack. She then pens out in her neat script:

The seedlings are doing just fine, whatever strain going on is thankfully not affecting them too much. Rest assured that they are being taken cared of and are well provided for. I do thank you for the offer and will surely let you know if they do require anything or if something goes amiss. We do hope that everyone there is doing well, the children also send their love to their father.


After signing the note, she tacks it on with the earlier one, murmuring a soft spell to cast a similar enchantment as the previous note. She wanders off after this, getting a drink and eventually disappearing in a burst of dark red light.


First Post
Walking into the tavern, his first visit in a long while, this familiar figure spots something on the message boards that draws his attention. Blinking he heads over and seems able to read despite the magic guards in place on both notes. A frown breifly forms but is taken away as he shakes his head. He reaches up and pulls all three notes down but not the rose. Thinking a moment he digs into his pocket and pulls out the last thing he had ever recieved from her, a blue rose. He pins it in place next to the red one. Touching both a moment he shakes his head and unpins the blue one, moving it a good foot from the red one. Then digging in his pocket again he finds four seeds. Pinning each next to the red rose now he looks at it. It symbolized, to him, the seperation that is and always will be there. The seperstion that probaly did her more good then she would ever admitt to. He shakes his head some, done now, as he turns and walks away mummering. "Takes good care of babies. Maybe, someday, could see them. Just hope, no hate forever"

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