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Release A one in a million chance at adventure - A Discworld tribute (Free TTRPG)

A One In A Million Chance at Adventure, 2nd edition - a D10 Roleplaying system for adventures set in the Discworld Universe

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Welcome to the ranks of role-players and adventurers of the Disc. We are very happy to see yet another eager and curious young recruit!
What you have before you is the rules and stipulations for our illustrious guild. The following pages will guide you in both worldly and ethereal matters.
Overall you will get a few pointers on how to conduct yourself as an adventurer and what limits and boundaries you will come up against.

The following pages are to be considered a work of fan-fiction, or perhaps a creative tribute to the amazing world created by Sir Terry Pratchett. The compendium consist of a rules system aimed at capturing the spirit and geist of the Discworld Universe. Use the Discworld book series as source materials when playing this game.

The system is inspired by (but not limited to): FATE. Mörk Borg. Mouse Guard. Tales from the Loop. Vampire the Masquerade. Dungeons and Dragons. Also the Discworld GURPS.

Please consider rating it on rpggeek: A One in a Million Chance at Adventure

Download the game for free at: Discworld tribute - A one in a million chance at adventure by Jocher Games

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A one in a million chance at a Game Jam:

This game jam is a call for anyone into roleplaying and that enjoys the writings of the late Sir Terry Pratchett. 9 months ago this brainchild of mine, the TTRPG rule system called A one in a million chance at adventure, was conceived and it has now come to the point in time where things need to grow, outside of the proverbial womb. According to me the only way it can grow in any meaningful way is for all of you to create the game with me! So if you have played the game, or maybe just read it, and you feel like you have a great (or even not so great) idea about an adventure, a cool rule, a cool random table, a cool mechanic that would fit both the game and/or the world of Discworld, this game jam is for you! A chance to share your creations and maybe even find some partners in unlicenced crime to develop game artefacts with in the future!

Duration: March 7th 2021 at 12:00 AM to April 3rd 2021 at 11:59 PM

A one in a million chance at a game jam!

Looking forward to your contributions!

Since I posted here last time I have released a new supplement for the Discworld roleplaying game named A one in a million chance at adventure, the supplement is called The A-M Professions and is a set of character creation guides to be used with the core rules when creating characters. It is meant to help and guide you as a player if you are new to the system. The character builds are very stereotypical and meant to help us all wrap our heads around various ways one can use the underlying system to create interesting characters.

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The core game is a tabletop roleplaying game, it is fairly rules-light and with a heavy focus on storytelling. Players play from an actor stance and the player who takes the role of The Auditor (other systems call this the game master) is following a set of principles and guidelines to help the table create interesting stories in line with the Discworld setting.

There are two other supplements by me: Optional Auditing Rules and the creation of belief.
The optional auditing rules expand on the rules and tools available to the Auditor, and the Creation of Belief expands on the rules for how magic works in the system.

In addition to the two supplements above, there is also two made by other creators: a one in a million, or mostly d20, chance at adventure and other miscellaneous info by Emerus_Snow and The Author Hack by dabuz.

Disclaimer: The transformative work featured on the Jocher Symbolic Systems page is NOT FOR SALE. Neither it nor the page is in any way authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by The Estate of Sir Terry Pratchett, Narrativia or Dunmanifestin Limited. All copyrights and trademarks referenced in the creations are the property of their respective owners.

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