A Sinister Shadow

Lurking Shadow

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A round crystal ball suspended in a net hangs from the coark board, The crystal ball fills with smoke as you near it and a shadowy figure appears within the smoke.

I Call to all the evil of the realms, cast off your false acts of goodness and take what is yours. Take back what the light has stolen from you.

After speaking the smoke within the ball clears and all is normal

For now

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*stops to read the notices on the cork board, and is startled by the crystal ball, blinks a few times and looks it over, carefully attempts to remove the crystal ball from the board using a glass jar to place it in and an iron knife to cut the net, " i have to give this to Jard.. it will crack him up.' ((note this is an attempt to take it, which to me is a logical response to something like this)).

Lurking Shadow

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Moments after the crystal ball is taken a new one within a new net is there.

My call Shall not go unheard, The lurking evil within the realms is too vast not to hear my calling.

After this speech the message from the previous crystal ball is repeated then the smoke clears within the crystal ball

This crystal ball radiates such an intense arua of cold that the netting around it has frozen solid
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A figure covered entirely by a black cloak silently appears. This being leaves as silently as it appeared, but in its place a note has been left.


Lurking Shadow

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A shadow passes over the coarkboard and when it is gone a note has repaced the crystal ball

A being with discontent for the love and goodness that has been allowed to permiate the air of the realms for so long. A being who wishes the return of utter chaos and turmoil from millennia past.
A being who shall be revealed in time to the evil that he calls forth.

Lurking Shadow

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A new Net with a crystal ball has been placed upon the board along with a new message

Evil of the realms, I summon you to take residence within a stretch of cleared lands that will serve as a starting point of our revival, and the downfall of the light

The message ends and the ball is clear until it is neared again

The oh so loved inky blackness that is of the familiar being swirls around. His curiousity too great to not seek out what he has heard. He hesitates when he sees the suspended globe but nears it enough to see the message.

His feline like tones come from his lips, murmuring to himself, "Where is this one talking about..would he take one so young and yet so rusty... it has been ages since i worked with The Darkness. Oh how i wish for it again."

He smiles, a low grumble of a purr coming from his throat before he simply isn't. the pages tacked to the cork board rustling from his passage.


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*Arches a brow as he glances over at the board* What kind of addled in the brainbox idiot leaves something like that out in the open like some pathetic attempt at a pratical joke, seriously..... *Snorts with a chuckles, shakes his head and picks up his neglected ale*

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A man pieces together in front of the board. He reaches up and pins a letter beside the crystal ball.

My Master seeks a conference with the creator of this crystal ball.

Attached to that is a letter in a sealed envelope, the seal is red wax with a symbol on it. It is the shape of a Y. (The Sanguine Sisterhood symbol, if anyone is familiar with it.)

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