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A Touch More Class Exclusive 12--Page Preview: The Savant

Welcome to this free 12-page preview of A Touch More Class, the upcoming sequel to EN Publishing's bestselling A Touch of Class. This preview contains 12 pages of the full 101-page book and includes the Savant, which is just one of the nine new character classes included in the full book. This book will be launching on Kickstarter very soon!


Download the 12-page preview from DTRPG right here!

A TOUCH MORE CLASS contains the Bloodweaver, Fatebender, Gemini, Geomancer, Gunfighter, Lodestar, Monster Tamer, Savant, and Tinkerer classes. You can find out more here.

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Russ Morrissey



I am very happy to see this, as I enjoyed the first one. Having extra classes helps extend the game, especially when I switch up the time periods away from the usual pseudo medieval fantasy tropes. I downloaded the Savant class, which is looking good.

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