Absence, yet again.


First Post
I was sitting here thinking about where it would be good place to post the latest news where I knew everyone could see, and figured here would be most suitable. That way I know everyone can get a chance to take a peek without me having to multiply repeat myself to the level of insanity.

Gist is, the next two to three weeks are going to get really crazy for me, and I might be gone for a month. Hence the might there. I don't know if I'll be MIA for four or five day stretches at a time or just the occasional visit once a day. I'm preparing for the worst - I won't be here for an entire month. I know, I know, I've been absent these last few weeks, but my college semester is wrapping up and I've been dedicating time to studying and musical concerts that I contribute to. Life just filled up, so I'm warning you all now.

Ariel - darling. I will still attend your event with 100% rp'ing skills. You are a previously posted date with schedules and things like that, and I assure you I will stay ontop of it to make it to its fullest like you want. I've pointedly left the day of it open so I can take a breath and turn into my typical cheese-head with the zoner eyes of obliviousness... AKA, inter-nerd.

Guinevere du Coudray - more details will posted on the Plastered Pegasus boards about exactly what will be developing on this story, so tune in. It'll all be up there this weekend.

Any more concerns, feel free to poke me on MSN or fire off an e-mail to punk_lil_sky@hotmail.com. I generally reply hastily, but after Monday the 14th, it's fuzzy to when I'll be able to plug into the communication trend again.

Take care, lovies.

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